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Seth Degnan Owner/Kicks Unlimited

JIBASoft: Hi Seth, How are things going with your two new studios?
Seth: The new schools are going well. We have good staff in place. There was a general lack of organization (at least to my wife’s standards, LOL) but I think we are getting it figured out. OnMat is helping a lot, and the team loves it.

Daphne Urbano Program Director/Ernie Reyes’ West Coast World Martial Arts

I had been looking for a Membership Management software solution that could manage our everyday business processes, especially our billing nightmare at an affordable monthly price, when Jason approached us with OnMat by JIBASoft. OnMat is developed by martial artists so they understand our needs, how we go about doing things with a 20th century mobile, paperless solution. We’ve been using OnMat for 10 months now and we have reaped the rewards by streamlining our day-to-day operational efficiency and saving money. Even our tech savy students and parents are impressed! Thank you JIBASoft!

Mark Kang Program Director and Instructor/Kings Combat Sports

Switching to OnMat was the best business decision we made! Finally there is one program that can organize all aspects of a martial arts business. Inventory, attendance, payments, belt sizes, and more. On top of that, the customer service is superb. Eric and his staff are always available and I don’t believe I’ve ever waited more than a few hours to receive a response from them. They are consistently trying to improve the program and make it easier on us martial arts business owners. I highly recommend you try it or at least watch a few tutorials of the program before you decide to stick with what ever you’re using now. A+

Master Elvis Chavez Business Owner/E-TAEKWONDO UNITED

Administrating my dojang had never been so easy. I had to put in a few hours to get it up and going but after that it is all smooth sailing. I haven’t even opened my laptop at the gym in a month and I’ve had it for one month and 1 week. I really recommend

Christine Kaeo-Payne Business Owner/ATC Medford

The first savings we noticed was the $100 per month in office supplies (i.e. computer ink, paper, colored paper) which makes the cost of the software almost a wash. Then on top of that savings was the hours and hours of administrative work no longer needed since it was all being done by OnMat . Also, the membership appreciate the simplicity when paying for membership fees through their online account and receiving progress reports as it relates to their journey to become black belts.