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2021 Fitness Industry Trends

April 9, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

2021 seemed a new year with some unfathomable beginning which became a necessary part of everyone’s life. At the beginning of the year, you might have seen a series of trends being adopted in various sectors, including the Fitness and Martial Arts sectors.

People drove their interest more towards these trends because of the impact of social distancing and the necessity of staying fit than ever before.

In this blog, we will discuss all these 2021 fitness trends one by one and learn how JIBASoft’s OnMat, a martial arts members management software and billing software, has allowed people to encourage and adopt these trends.

A quick overview of digitally-inspired fitness trends

As social distancing became the new normal of societies around the world, many Dojo and Martial Arts Studio owners were deliberately told that the days of their studios were over.

However, all these skeptical thoughts went bonkers when expert developers like JIBASoft brought a one-stop technology-savvy solution for material arts studio owners. With this OnMat software, many owners became capable of providing remote classes, perform martial arts student management and collect fees without making any contact.

With the tech-savvy trends and adaptation of martial arts studio management software, many owners could easily stand tall amidst the most troubling year of human history, 2020.

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Let us now understand each trend one by one.

Top trends of fitness industry in 2021

Law-abiding outdoor workouts:  With the normalization of social distancing norms, people came outside for outdoor workouts but with plenty of laws and limitations. People are not much allowed to stay outside and gather because of the regulatory framework governing the social distancing norms until we are completely over with COVID 19.

Mind and Body training soring new heights: According to a few clients using OnMat as martial arts members management software, the demand for mind and body training has risen a lot to keep stress and anxiety at bay. They enrolled more students seeking mindfulness and body training so that they could easily pass the stand-alone time and stay healthy always.

High rates of adaptability towards remote training: With the increasing use of internet services in all forms of human activities, people have adapted the technology for their remote training as well. People are more interested in being trained from a place they are staying rather than going out and taking local transport systems to reach out to the martial arts studios.

Promoting this trend on various levels, JIBASoft has also developed a provision for Dojo and Studio Owners to provide remote martial arts classes. As you adapt the software, you will be able to remotely organize classes, increase automated bookings and student turn-around rates.

OnMat also has a revolutionary feature, ‘Pay As You Go,’ for registered members only. Here, registered members will pay for the sessions they have attended remotely or at the studio physically.

At-home sessions of workouts: After remote training sessions, one thing that has seen the same amount of craze is at-home sessions. In this trend, people try the workout at home by streaming online videos and workout sessions uploaded on media platforms.

With JIBASoft’s software, you can also be a part of this trend and become an active part of the at-home workout ecosystem. As a martial studio owner, you can upload videos of your trainers and make them available at reasonable pricing.

This will lead to more and more footfalls at your services, generating an impeccable amount of revenue for your business.

Following hygiene compliance: Last but not least, there is one trend that will remain for quite a long time – hygiene compliance. People these days have become a little stricter towards hygienic practices so that they don’t get sick with the virus.

Having said that, customers look forward to martial arts studios for following hygiene compliance at their best. Well, you can again outshine here with OnMat as multi-purpose software for online classes and training.

You can also broadcast safety standards followed by your studio, so those students trust your services and more than others.

The Final Put

With all these trends to be followed altogether, it could be a little tough for you as a martial arts studio owner. However, you can avail OnMat and live your life with ease. The software provides you all facilities like staff administration, billing and payment management, online lectures and remote classes, and student management.

When single software comes in handy for all your needs, then there is no place for stress in life? Book your meeting with experts at JIBASoft and get a demo. You will get the best quote for personalized services. The company strives hard for their patrons and provide out-of-the-box solutions!

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