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OnMat Now, the member (parent) portal, runs on iOS and Android but OnMat, the main membership management app, runs on iPad only. The after sale market today makes it very cost effective to acquire iPads at a reasonable price on

Any iPad with a camera is supported. The only model iPad that does not have a camera is the original iPad 1 which is not supported as Apple has locked the version of iOS to an unsupported level. An older iPad model is recommended for the attendance iPad mounted at the entrance of the studio or before entering the mat. iPad mini’s are great for being on the mat as the easily fit in your hand.

Yes, we offer a 30-day Free trial. This may not seem like a long time but we expend many resources to bring you online as fast as possible and request that you be ready provide the needed time and resources when you are ready. In most cases, assuming you provided the needed information in a timely manner, we can have you up and running in a few days. If you feel you need a longer trial, please ask.

Once the trial period is over you will be charged your 1st monthly subscription fee. We do not have any contracts so if you decide we are not the solution you need, simply cancel your account.

Yes, but not from JIBASoft. You will need to buy at least 2 Apple iPads to operate the JIBASoft solution efficiently. Once of the iPads is dedicated to attendance taking. This attendance iPad can be an older, cheaper iPad 1 which can be obtained from places like eBay,, and since Apple no longer sells this model. The other iPad(s) can be any other models (iPad 2, 3 or mini) since they all have a camera.

The OnMat and OnGym software is available in the Apple app store which you can download to any iPad for free. There is no limit to the number of iPads you can install on. Once you complete the signup process with JIBASoft on this website you will be provided your log-in credentials. OnMat and OnGym currently only run on the Apple iPad.

Once you have completed the signup process on our website you will receive a Welcome email with your log-in credentials and a list of information we need to get you going. The welcome email will also contain a sample Excel template showing the format of how we need your membership roster. After the your signup we like to schedule a 1-hour webinar orientation and another follow-up a week later to answer questions.

Yes. We use current security standards used by the banking industry. You and only you decide who has access to your student information. JIBASoft staff will have access to your information as needed for support only. We understand that your privacy is critical!

Yes. We are not a billing service; we simply facilitate and manage the collections of your money via credit cards and/or eCheck. We also provide automated receipts whether cash, check, credit card or eCheck. And automated, customizable emails for late payments with links to correct payment problem and resubmit.

Yes. Our check-in is done by placing an iPad (older model) at the entrance of the studio or by the mat where the students enter. They will simply start typing their name and receive a confirming statement of who they are; they simply press “Yes” and the check- is done. This check-in screen also shows their current belt level and has the option to display the number of classes to the student before they are eligible to test for their next belt. Of course this can be over-ridden if the student practices hard and achieves their skill before the recommended number of classes. This attendance is also display on the parent portal (OnMat Now) so the parents know how many classes have been attended and required before next belt test. Our system will also automatically send out absence emails that you customize based on the number of days missed in hopes to revive the membership.

There are many companies that provide membership management and al have their pros and cons but we are the only ones where the day-to-day business flows are done on the iPad via the OnMat app. Because we are app based we are much simpler to use and navigate while still providing the full functionality of a web-based solution does. We also provide end-to-end belt management from defining your curriculum, checking off skills as students master them, recommending them for promotion, email parents of their test date and time, enabling parents to pay testing fees online to providing direct and immediate feedback to parents and students on how they did. We actually send out a nice PDF report card automatically when they have been passed. We have literally saved studios hundreds of dollars in ink and paper alone with all the automation around our platform!

I can go on an on about this feature but keep in mind our system was built with the students and parents in mind in an effort to educate the parents through communications. The founders of JIBASoft are black belts, instructors, and parents of students in martial arts. We understand all aspects of studio operations and that retention is of utmost importance. You work hard to bring in students through the front door using traditional and modern marketing and we work hard on communication and education closing the back door.

Our billing is tightly integrated with the student profile so at a glance you can see their memberships, current balance, any failed payments and of course you can set them up as auto-pay…. Set it and forget it. We also have fully customizable late payment emails, many different ways to notify you of failed payments and membership expiring emails.

To be clear, we also have web-based access for basic configuration, setup and reporting but again, daily business flows are done on the iPad and communications via the parent portal which are iPhone, android and web-based.

Our support is second to none. Many clients have our cell numbers and call text any time of the week and we are there respond.

2.49% for all credit cards including AMEX which is normally 3.2%; 1% for ACH and a $19 gateway fee for our server to have access to the merchant gateway.

Money goes directly into your bank account the standard 2-3 business it takes for funding; JIBASoft does NOT hold your money.

Use the “Add New Member” button and let them fill in the first two screens. Then take iPad back to select correct package, have them sign membership/liability agreements if defined. Then you add the credit card to prevent data entry errors.

Yes, and you will get emailed a copy as well. They will also get emailed any receipts.

Once your merchandise is defined you can sell in the member profile (below memberships).

The system automatically sends out a series of 3 late payment emails that you can customize; you are also notified on the Current Class screen of late accounts. You then have the option to “lock-out” student from sign-on after the 3rd late payment email goes out which puts of a message to “Please come see the office” and suspends the account. This forces the member/parent to the office to take care of payment. If none of this works, which normally does, you have the option to send them to collections.