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5 Reasons for failing at Martial Arts School Management

September 30, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

Still, stuck with a traditional approach to managing your martial art school? The management tasks are getting on your nerves now and then. The goal to grow is not falling in place & all you get is a failure at every level. This harsh reality is meddling with your dreams & you are on the verge of losing money. Financial loss is the last thing you want to face to keep up with your business.

martial arts school management software

Let us check out some reasons for failing &solutions for successful martial arts school management.

1.Inapt Member Management: Whether it be new registrations or keeping track of every member, a secured & concise data is required to analyse growth. But because of your old ways of maintaining paperwork for every new member makes it a daunting task & losing it can be highly disadvantageous for you.

Solution: We are happy to lighten your burden with our martial arts school management software that assists you with new registrations. The software by JIBASoft Inc. is incredible in maintaining student’s data & you can access it anytime with simple clicks rather than shuffling through old paperwork.

Improper Skill & Belt Management: Grading students based on their skills is necessary for every martial arts school. However, you lack time and additional support to ensure the correct grading of each student.

Solution: The features present in our martial art school software enables you to define set goals for each student &helps you to take belt tests efficiently. Thus, grading& letting them know just with few clicks that they have passed on to the next level.

3.Unsecured Billing Management: Keeping track of financials for your martial arts business makes you anxious every time. You lose all track of money that comes in and goes out. Students fees, membership renewal fees, monthly instalment fees from students and others go into a dungeon.

Solution: Our integrated martial arts billing management software is the light that will guide you to come out from financial blunders. Yes, with martial arts school software, keeping track of money and continues payment cycles can be secured at one place.

4.Inappropriate Communication Channels: One on one talk with students for reminding them of their monthly dues, grades or class schedule can seem a daunting task. A task that takes too much time and your effort.

Solution: Our martial art school software will make your task simpler by sending customized emails for payment reminders, class schedule, product updates or class cancel. It is a wise decision to make one secure channel for communication with members of the martial art school.

5.Untapped management: COVID 19 pandemic has given lots of stress and businesses loss to bear. However, running your martial arts school during the COVID 19 has been troublesome. Proper student management with strict laws to follow has shaken your entire schedule.

Solution: Get a grasp of one excellent martial arts management software from JIBASoft Inc. and give rest to all your management worries. Our latest OnMat features of Virtual Check-In & Onsite Check-In allows you to maintain attendance of students present onsite and virtually. The remote check-in features are essential to track students without actually any separate manual attendance sheet.


Our martial arts school management software is the one solution for all your management worries. You can overcome any failure if you have this tool of the trade with you. It is time to build a concrete management root for your school with this realistic and magical software that is available at an affordable cost. Connect with us today for free demo.