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5 Reasons OnMat is Top Martial Arts Student Management Software

April 3, 2024 • JIBASoft INC

Martial arts academies nowadays have a lot of difficulties in efficiently overseeing their students, instruction, and administrative duties. Running a successful martial arts school involves implementation of effective management techniques. This guarantees seamless operations of martial arts school. Thankfully, technological developments have produced solutions designed specifically to meet the requirements of martial arts schools. JIBASoft’s OnMat, a feature-rich Martial Arts Student Management Software for handling it all.

OnMat by JIBASoft

OnMat by JIBASoft is an ideal software for smooth Martial Arts Student Management. After all, it’s created with a deep understanding of the difficulties that administrators and educators face in this ever-changing field. OnMat provides a comprehensive solution for streamlining all the administrative tasks while increasing communication. With OnMat’s assistance, dojos can operate effectively and productively in various ways. For instance, it helps them to manage everything from scheduling classes and data analysis. It helps in tracking belt progressions and maintaining student profiles.

Due to its steadfast commitment to innovation and quality, OnMat stands out from other software solutions. Thanks to user-friendly interface and flexible settings of OnMat, it effortlessly integrates into current procedures. Meanwhile, it adjusts to certain workflow needs of individual schools. Therefore, it’s perfect for tackling martial arts students, despite the size of any dojo. Hence, instructors can be free to focus on doing what they know the best. That is to mentor students while progressing gradually.

Reasons Why it’s the Top Martial Arts Student Management Software

Comprehensive Student Management Features:

With a wide range of features, OnMat dives deeply into the nuances of teaching martial arts students. Upon a student’s arrival at the dojo, OnMat serves to expedite all administrative procedures. Its strong platform manages student registration with ease, securely preserving important data and guaranteeing instructors have simple access. OnMat is a central location for tracking student progress, but it does more than just that. Instructors may easily keep tabs on student attendance, follow belt advancement, and evaluate skill growth.

Instructors can effortlessly peruse student profiles using the user-friendly interface, monitoring every student’s progress. In addition, OnMat facilitates efficient communication between educators, learners, and guardians. This helps in establishing a cooperative learning atmosphere where all parties are in agreement. Martial arts schools may concentrate more on helping their students achieve proficiency and less on paperwork. All thanks to, easy-to-use OnMat martial arts student management app.

Assessment of Skills and Seamless Belt Progression:

The fundamental components of martial arts instruction are belt progression and skill evaluation, which OnMat streamlines flawlessly. Instructors may simply keep track of students’ attendance, record belt promotions, and assess their performance using easily customized grading standards. A bird’s-eye perspective of every student’s progression over time is provided by OnMat’s thorough reporting and progress charts, which guarantee that no information is missed. Martial arts schools can feel secure knowing that their students advance through the ranks with ease and confidently accomplish their training objectives thanks to OnMat.

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Tailored Class Schedule and Attendance Monitoring:

In the ever-changing realm of martial arts education, flexibility is essential, and OnMat provides it with its fully configurable class scheduling and attendance monitoring capabilities. Teachers are able to modify class schedules according to a number of factors, including ability levels, age groupings, and belt levels. Because of this customisation, every student is guaranteed to receive education that is specific to their needs. With the use of OnMat’s attendance tracking feature, instructors may quickly address any difficulties with student attendance and observe trends in student involvement. Martial arts schools may maximize their class management, save time, and improve overall operational effectiveness by automating these operations with OnMat.

Robust Analytics and Reporting:

Since data is essential to making well-informed decisions, martial arts schools can get a great deal of knowledge from OnMat’s extensive reporting and analytics capabilities. To obtain a better grasp of their operations, instructors can create comprehensive reports on a range of variables, including income, attendance, and student demographics. With the help of OnMat’s analytics dashboard, teachers may pinpoint areas for improvement and successfully implement focused tactics by gaining meaningful insights into student engagement, retention rates, and belt development. Through the use of data-driven decision-making, OnMat gives martial arts schools the ability to monitor their students’ growth, assess their success, and make ongoing program improvements.

Improved Interaction and Communication:

Martial arts groups are held together by communication, and OnMat acts as a bridge for the exchange of ideas. Its integrated notification and message system makes it easier for parents, students, and teachers to communicate effectively. Teachers can notify parents and students directly through announcements, updates, and reminders about critical activities and forthcoming events. Furthermore, parents and kids can easily follow their progress, interact with the community, and remain in touch with the school thanks to OnMat’s integrated mobile app. OnMat improves the relationship between martial arts schools, students, and parents by encouraging candid communication and active participation, which increases satisfaction and retention.


Due to its extensive feature set, adaptable solutions, and user-friendly design, OnMat from JIBASoft is the best option for martial arts student administration software. Increased enrollment, more effective operations, and enhanced contact with OnMat are possible outcomes for martial arts schools. All of this would contribute to their overall development and prosperity. With the assistance and resources provided by OnMat, martial arts schools of all sizes may prosper in the current competitive environment.

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