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5 Reasons to Get a Free Trial of Martial Art Studio Software

June 3, 2019 • JIBASoft INC

Undoubtedly, martial arts management software is a technology-driven solution to a lot of problems studio owners experience every day. Hundreds of martial arts schools take advantage of this amazing software that significantly improves their functions, advances the work processes, and provides ease to a great extent. It manages almost all business operations of different sizes of martial arts studios.

If you are thinking to take your business to the next level, taking subscription of martial arts studio software is a suggestion for sure. Or you can also avail the 30-day trial of membership management software. Here’s is the list of jobs the free software does for you. This 2-minute journey of reading will surely give you a reason to shift your business to the modern platform:

Martial Arts School Management Software

1. The Dashboard: This is the first thing you see when you log in to the software. It has a fully customizable page which let’s you know about member birthdays, updates about membership, rank promotion, invoices, payments, and much more. The easy-to-navigate software provides all administrator capabilities right on your fingertips.                                                                                                                       

2. Easy Communication: Communication plays a vital role in the entire scenario of running a martial art school. This helps to retain and also increase the number of students.

The free trial of the software is available with some exciting communication tools which let you stay connected with members. Reminders, automated messages, emails, communications calendar, and many other options make it easy to effectively communicate with the students in your school.

3. Web-Based Platform: You can access the software either through your desktop or iPad. It consists of a web-based platform which means you can access the data from your home, office or from any other location. Business owners always look for solutions which help them to operate their business at any time, from anywhere. Its user-friendly interface will enhance your experience every time you use it.

4. Scope of Growth: As an owner, you may always want to know the room available for growth or expansion. This lucrative feature lets you track the locations where prospects may be coming from and also the locations with less or no students. This way it helps you to keep a track on the progress and plan a strategy for improving visibility in that particular area.

5. Online Bookings: This may be a restricted feature of the software. However, you can schedule a variety of events, do online bookings, conduct community events, inform about seminars and a lot of other activities in a quite simplified way. The feature, in other words, can be considered for lead management.

You can access almost all advanced features during your trial period of our OnMat martial arts school management software. The highly functional and featured software completely automates your work, eliminates your involvement and thus improves your experience.

Get Started with Martial Arts Management Software?

As said above, the software is just the simplest way of having control over all kinds of operations within the organization. The free trial gives you a glimpse of some great features while you unlock all exclusive features with the paid software. Service providers like JIBASoft offer you customized plans based on the number of members in your institution.

All advanced features of the software come in action right from the moment of activation. The amazing software is simply an all-in-one solution to streamline the complexities you experience while running your school. It takes the burden off your shoulders, saves your valuable time and money, and enhances your experience and a lot more.

What else do you need? Get your business the power of automation!

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