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5 Retention Strategies With Martial Arts Studio Software

December 31, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

Do you know that acquiring new customers costs around five times than retaining your existing clients? Besides that, loyal clients are your valuable referral source. This even applies to martial arts studios and schools. It is because their existing clients are an important source to gain more customers. That’s where you require martial arts studio software.

Automated software is essential to have a look at your overall strategies. And, it’s important to retain the existing members. Here are some general ways to help you retain clients with martial arts software.

1. Understand student behaviour

It’s important to know your customers to form a base for all marketing efforts. The more you know your clients, the simpler it is to engage with them. It applied to any sort of communication, like social media campaigns, personal communication, emails, website updates, blog posts, and more. According to research, targeted emails help in higher conversion rates. You can start sending target emails with the help of martial arts studio software.

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How to cluster your members?

The demographic factors are essential for developing effective marketing activities. If you wish to re-engage with existing clients, you need to target them as per their engagement level. One major indicator for the engagement of members is their attendance level. Depending on that, you may divide the existing customers into three categories:

1) Regular

2) Semi-regular

3) Unregular

Once you segment the clients, you may apply proper strategies for maximizing retention.

2. Reward members who are regular in attending martial arts class

Everyone loves recognition. It is a major motivator to make them attend more classes that probably lead to better results. With better performance, there are more chances that they’d enjoy the sessions more.

For this, recognizing regular attendance is a first step to building a ‘brand ambassador,’ who would often recommend your dojo classes.

Even the parents will feel proud if they see their children getting recognition for their hard work.

Note: A recognition reward doesn’t have to be a gift or item. Even a shout-out on your website, social media post, or via email can be as effective.

3. Form a leaderboard for attendance with martial arts studio software

If you wish to take the reward system to next level, it’s best to create an attendance leaderboard with martial arts studio software by JIBASoft. You can further share it on our website, monthly newsletter, or social media channels.

However, the side effect of this strategy could be excessive traffic on social media engagement, website traffic, or open rates of emails. Using the automated software for building relationships with the members.

4. Re-engage with non-regular students

Kids that won’t attend your classes on regular basis cannot advance as quickly as the regular ones. It can lead to frustration and drop-outs. You need to identify the kids or grownup members who are not regular. This way, you can take appropriate measures to avoid this situation.

Once you are aware of the members who are likely to quit, you can re-engage with them. You can do so by talking to them or their parents for knowing their lack of interest. It won’t only help you find the right solutions for addressing the issues but also shows the parents that you care for their kids.

Furthermore, you can use martial arts billing software to identify those who haven’t paid their fees. Also, interact with them about the issues and try to re-engage them.

5. Use email marketing with martial arts studio software to re-activate dropped-out students

You need to segment email campaigns to re-engage with members. For instance, you can highlight the benefits of martial arts to motivate parents for encouraging kids to rejoin classes. Another great incentive of using email marketing with martial arts studio software is to offer discounts and offers. This will also encourage them to sign up again for classes.

How to maximize engagement and client retention today?

Some of the given strategies may sound overwhelming to you at first. But they need less workload than you may imagine. The first and most vital step is to categories the students. After mastering that, you may begin interacting with clients who are at the risk of dropping out. It alone can make a huge difference to customer retention.

However, for an effective retention strategy, apply JIBASoft martial arts studio software for automatic updates. Do you want to take the martial arts business to another level? Get ready to retain the customers with our dedicated martial arts software.

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