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5 Things Thriving Martial Arts School Are Doing Right

January 31, 2018 • JIBASoft INC

As a martial arts studio owner, your success doesn’t depend on how much you invest or how much is the ROI. Instead, it’s about providing an experience that your students will benefit from and will keep them coming back for more. JIBASoft martial arts billing software – OnMat – is the most practical software available in the martial arts industry.

Below are enlisted 5 things that every thriving martial arts school is doing the right away:

Strong Student Base – With more students enrolled in your martial arts studio, you can afford to do so much more. Two ways in which you can keep a strong student base are: you should adopt a good strategy to add new students to various sources and plan good ways to retain the existing ones. The martial arts software provides a powerful, yet affordable membership management solutions. The easy solutions automate and streamline each part of the membership management experience.

Space Management – One of the major expense that needs to be taken care of while running a successful studio is the facility cost. Facility size and cost per square foot are the two main variables at this expense. If you have a large number of students then you require a larger space. The successful studios tend to spend more per square foot, which means they establish it in nicer or luxurious locations. Usually, such studios receive more enrollments justifying the fact they have a larger facility.

Integrated Billing – Our martial arts billing software is an integrated payment processing solution that can integrate accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) and other business applications with payment processing. This helps you save time and money, reduce errors and get a more accurate view of your business. With the help of integrated billing, you can keep track of instalment plans, failed payments, late payments, settlement report, edit payment items along with many other features.

Better Skills Management
– With the help of skills management, thriving martial arts studio owners can identify the skills that are needed to achieve a set of specified goals that the individual seeks. This further helps you implement a strategy to bridge the gap between the two. OnMat’s Skills Management module allows for complete customization of your skills including soft skills, technical skills, physical skills, core value skills, and personal goals. Skills management is an ongoing process that further helps you in business progress.

Better Level Management – Regardless of the service your business specializes in, you need to set goals, and look out for the best suitable tactics to promote to continue to the next level. When the levels are set, it helps in determining the goals achieved and to be achieved. Our martial arts billing software is integrated with all these features and thus it provides grade and feedback to help the betterment of your member. They also accept payments automatically if promotion to next level requires a payment.

These are the strategies which are being adopted by the thriving martial arts studio to gain success in the long run. Our martial arts billing software lets you spend less time managing and more time growing your membership.