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5 Ways Martial Arts Studio Software Encourage Your Students

December 18, 2019 • JIBASoft INC

Over the past 5 years, the growth of the martial arts industry has increased by about 5% in the United States. The growing number of students has given rise to the need for a technological solution that can benefit the students as well. That’s why the demand for martial arts studio software has increased to a great extent. If you think that the benefits of martial arts studio software are limited to business owners or administrative departments, then you are wrong. Your students also get benefited, if you let them access to this technological solution. See, how?

Registration/Auto-Renew: Your students don’t have to waste their time in the manual process of registration. They can register with you at any time from anywhere. They can use a smart device to enroll in your studio. The registration form requires a few personal details to complete the procedure. Not only this, you can renew their members online in just a few minutes. They will receive a notification of the expiration of membership.

 5 Ways Martial Arts Studio Software Encourage Your Students

Installment Plans: The software also provides the option of installment plans to those who are unable to pay the total amount in one shot. The software divides their fee in installments depending upon the months of a particular course and lets them pay online before the due date. It also reminds them of payment before the due date arrives. A candidate can cancel the payment or ask for a refund for any of the specific reasons. This is how the software provides great payment feasibility.

Online attendance: The students of your martial arts school may find it irritating to mark their attendance manually on a register or somewhere else. The martial arts members management software allows them to mark their presence which hardly takes a few seconds so they can focus on their classes rather than their attendance.

Updates: The software has a section of updates where people from the admin department can post all important notifications so your students can view them right from their mobile devices. They don’t have to reach the notice board to see every notice for gathering information.

Skills Management: Your students need a system to organize their growth, track performance and improve their skills. The software comes with a feature of skills or belt management which allows them to view their progress. Skills management helps to set a competition for all students so they can work harder to achieve their goals. Students can follow the curriculum given on your member portal.

Are you ready to invest in martial arts studio software? Today, a large number of martial arts studio owners invest in technological solutions that help them to simplify and automate their operations. We, at JIBASoft, help such business owners, by offering exclusive martial arts members management software, and let them focus on teaching rather than on administration. For more information about the software, feel free to contact us.