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5 Ways to Run A Profitable Martial Arts School in 2021

December 21, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

A martial arts school needs to run administration interactively and ease the follow-up process for all its members. Factors like these make it possible for school owners to sustain themselves in the long run.

However, that’s not all for a successful martial arts school. Lucky for you, we are bringing the top 5 ways to run your martial arts school profitably in 2021.

Pay attention to these steps and never lose a client again in 2021.

Maintain a sincere rapport with your members.

As a school owner, you need to work on your professional relationships with your members. That’s when you need them to repeat the martial arts school members in 2021.

To do so, you can depend on the latest, innovative, and user-friendly martial arts school management software by JIBASoft.

OnMat is the name of this software. It is helpful in easy management of all the memberships. It saves each essential information of your members automatically into the system.

Then, you can send automated follow-up messages and invitations to your members using this software regularly. That is to make them feel important, remembered, and noticed whenever there is an update in your school’s upcoming martial arts classes.

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Ensure the cleanliness and safety of the martial arts classes.

In 2021 and beyond, students, parents, or any other member will be focusing on safety and cleanliness. You must inform and assure your members about the same. Do so by adding features like remote check-in when classes are from home. That’s also when you need to update members about the cleanliness of the martial arts classes.

Briefly, make effective use of the martial arts student management ERP or software. Using this, you can continue to earn your regular and new members’ trust for safe and cleaner martial arts classes.

Always know when the membership is expiring beforehand.

Your martial arts school needs funds. Without consistent paid subscriptions, it isn’t easy to earn profits in 2021 and beyond. For this, you need to follow-up constantly whenever the expiry date is near.

But your management might not always have time to follow-up with thousands of members. That’s why you can trust OnMat by JIBASoft. It sends you and other members automated notifications, soliciting them to renew their membership. It’s a subtle reminder for your members. But that’s time-saving on your end.

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Let the members know their progress and attendance.

This is another key to retain your old members. It eventually leads to positive word of mouth about your school and its service. If the existing members see their progress, like sessions they attended, their score per class, and the martial arts tactics they learned, it’s easy for them to grab an idea if your school’s martial arts classes are fruitful for them.

That’s possible for your school using a martial arts school management software– the one by JIBASoft.

Use social media marketing tools and strategies.

If you want your new martial arts school to prosper in 2021, hold onto a strong social media marketing strategy. For this, start using a tool that enables email marketing, social media platforms’ conversion rate statistics, automated dashboards, etc.

Features like these enable you to plan, execute, study and evolve your overall social media marketing campaigns. OnMat, a modern and user-friendly martial arts student management ERP by JIBASoft, is one example.

It has all the necessary features for your school. Examples of such social media marketing campaigns are email marketing, automation of marketing messages across social media channels, intellectual and interactive members dashboards.

You can use them to work on your strengths and weaknesses. Know what is grabbing your members’ attention the most and what’s not.