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6 Successful Advertising Ideas for Martial Arts Schools

August 23, 2019 • JIBASoft INC

Good marketing has always been the main reason behind the success of many businesses around the world. Even a small business with extremely useful marketing strategies can make a lot of money. On the other hand, a big business with poor advertising can lose all the money. Therefore, saying ‘marketing’ is the power of a business would not be wrong in any way. Here the blog post talks about some successful marketing tricks that can help martial arts school improve its performance, number of students, and returns. Take a look.

#1 Opt for Word Of Mouth Marketing:

This is among the best marketing ideas that doesn’t require money and gives you lucrative advantages in return. All you have to do is to deliver best training to your existing students and encourage them to join your refer-a-friend program for a discounted fee amount. You can also opt for some other ways and use other rewarding methods like a free month of classes, any prize, gift card, etc.

Martial Arts School Management

#2 Get A Martial Arts Website:

Many martial arts school owners get a website designed for their business but they lack both – students and revenue. A website with poor functionality also distracts new visitors or parents. It shows unprofessionalism and gives them a red signal. A well-developed website with appropriate information about the company, activities, programs, address, contact details, and other aspects work well to derive the purpose.

#3 Conduct Free Classes for New Students:

When it comes to marketing, the term ‘free’ plays its role differently. Free classes make great martial arts marketing idea to welcome, convince, and train your prospects. Your prospects have suspecting behavior about environment, training program, professionals, and management of your school. A free demo of 3-4 days will give them a clear picture to start with you. You can use martial arts student management to keep a track record of these students and follow-up with them through email or SMS communication to know their interest.

#4 Go Digitally Socialized With People You Want 

In this era of high competition, staying in buzz or being known by people brings tremendous success. Reaching or involving your targeted customers is an ideal marketing idea. Many popular schools are adopting different methods like motivational videos, social media presence, print marketing, door-to-door marketing, SEO advertising, and paid marketing to achieve their goal easily and quickly.


#5 Increase Your Involvement Through Different Programs:

There are certain advertising ideas that may not benefit initially but they will help you leave your identity on many minds. The efforts you can make in this direction can be sponsoring local kids sports team, starting after-school youth program, conducting birthday parties. Besides, quarterly martial arts tournament, and free demonstration of martial arts in schools can showcase your services in a large network. This exertion will increase your involvement in a large network and eventually benefit in terms of revenue.

#6 Shift Internal Activities from Conventional To Latest Technique

The more efficient your professionals are, the more capable your students would be. If your staff does not have access to latest technology or related equipment, they will consume more time to manage other activities and less time to train students. Use of martial arts student management software like OnMat is an ideal choice to bring a big change in the operations.

JIBASoft has a record of helping a large number of martial arts schools or studios with its highly functional, practical, and beneficial martial arts school management software. You can contact us to know more about the same.