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A Complete Guide To Start A Martial Arts School

June 1, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

Before you go further with this guide, we wish to bestow our heartiest congratulation for this step ahead in your life.

Starting a martial arts school isn’t a cakewalk at all. You need to plan things out and take the necessary step to get started with this business model and succeed in the long run. But don’t get overwhelmed in the starting.

Hurdles are found in every field. Stay motivated and informed about the latest innovations in martial arts school management technologies, and you are good to go.

In this blog, we will discuss such tips and technologies which will mend your ways to achieve success only. Also, you will be introduced to OnMat by JIBASoft – a cutting-edge Martial Arts Billing Software developed to ease the pain of new martial arts school owners. So, without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Things you need to prepare beforehand

Accurate planning and propagation in the right direction is the much-needed thing while setting up martial arts schools. And here, planning and propagation means includes: –

  • Business plan –

Nothing works without a blueprint. For the opening of a martial arts school, the business plan is its blueprint. The business plan will have essential points related to executions.

  • Budget –

You must have a set budget apart from your personal budget dedicated to opening a martial arts school.

  • Good location –

If your primary approach behind setting the martial arts school is to target the walk-ins, a better location is one of the main priorities. The location should be easily accessible and safe to travel to.

  • Accessories and interiors –

The martial arts school must have needed pieces of equipment and accessories for the training. Along with it, a good interior adds in a better impression on students and their parents.

  • Best trainers –

Your business is incomplete without a bunch of good trainers who will teach and train students. If you are good at martial arts and have immense experience, you can be one of the trainers of your facility. Otherwise, you will have to hire some decent trainers charging a good some for their services.

  • Student management software –

As you will have more than ten students in multiple batches of your martial arts school, you will have to be very peculiar about student and data management. You will need some helping hands to stay by your side for the administrative task. Otherwise, you will end up performing the administrative task rather than pursuing your hobby of teaching martial arts.

Here, you can call OnMat by JIBASoft for your rescue. It is a complete software solution for Martial Arts Student ManagementThe software comes in handy for many small but hefty tasks and reduces the burden of physical administration.

  • A billing software (paperless and remote transactions) –

Being a martial arts instructor demands practice and peace of mind to teach disciples about the art. However, you take up the responsibility as an administrator cum instructor, forget about self-practice and peace of mind. Managing the fee structure, collecting fees, maintaining the billing cycle for each student and giving everyone receipt of their payment are not all the responsibilities but a few which you will have to give your time.

Therefore, be calculative about your time and money from the start. Invest in the right Martial Arts Billing Software like OnMat and convert the billing and invoicing paperless and hassle-free.

Why not? 

OnMat is a complete solution for martial arts management with widespread features like Auto-Renewal, Auto Pay, Direct Deposit, Installment Plans management, Refund Management, Delivery of receipt via SMS and email, and Pay As You Go.

“Pay As You Go” is one of its renowned features allowing members to pay for the class as they check in. Students are free to check in remotely or onsite and pay for the class they intend to attend.

Book your demo now!

With all these impeccable features, OnMat is a go-getter deal for budding and established martial arts studios and dojos. If you wish not to miss the chance, contact the team and request a software demo request. The team at JIBASoft will help you with all your queries.

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