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Are You Buying The Right Martial Arts Studio Software?

August 19, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Invest is never off the track when you are running a business. The smallest of purchases counts in ROI, and therefore, you should invest wisely as a martial arts studio owner. This entails your purchase of Martial Arts Studio Software that will help your business activities, billing, and student management.

Purchasing Martial Arts Studio Software

Setting sail for purchasing credible software takes effort in all directions. But no doubt, the efforts pay in when you have a well-managed system, including invoices & billing, student management, staff management and administration, belt tracking, skill management, and the list goes on. But often, many studio owners overlook the features and utility part and invest in not-so-worthy software.

But don’t worry. In this blog, you will be guided throughout the journey of buying credible software for your martial school management. In case you wish to surpass the hassle and land into bestselling and credible Martial Arts Members Management softwarethen OnMat from JIBASoft should be your ideal choice.

OnMat has all the features a martial arts studio requires for complete management and business scaling.

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Finding the best martial arts studio software

Must have good customer support – A great software is nothing without great customer support. Therefore, everything starts with getting contacted by a good agent with great oratory skills. A good customer support will help you in every step to gain your trust and acceptance over their product and will not leave you in the middle of purchase being frustrated. Instead, they will guide you through their impeccable services and provide you with an answer to your every question. Gone are the days when pre-written scripts ran customer support.

Must listen to you before and after the service – Every service provider stays polite and attentive during the initial phase. The seller listens to you well and reverts with extra politeness. But, real customer service is seen when you have invested in their product and need solutions to your distinct need related to the product. A thoughtful and reliable service provider will always listen to your problems efficiently and revert with politeness; whether before or after the purchase, your problems should be heard and reverted back.

Must provide user training – A credible software company always offers user training upon purchasing their software. The user training helps martial art studio owners understand the software’s features and work on it like professionals. The initial training sessions on dojo business software help business owners accommodate the technology well and put forward any further customizations they prefer. Prior training makes everything easy to handle and run.

Must have an efficient process for handling customer issues – Well, software companies have a large research and development team to create an error-free and aptly designed software program according to the market need. But still, bugs and technical glitches cannot are unavoidable. The complexities of software and elaboration in features are often manifold issues. But a good service provider is one that deals with all customer issues and provides hassle-free resolution in a limited time. A day without the software will create a backlog in the procession of the martial art studio.

Must be accessible 24/7 – This is the next generation where time has no boundaries. You need help at midnight, and services are there waiting to help you. The same applies to martial arts studio software services. The software service provider must be either accessible 24/7 or have a resource center that is capable of resolving user issues related to the software. In addition, the resource center must have libraries with training materials, including how-to-articles, troubleshooting tips, etc.

When you are off the service hours, users can take the help of the resource center and help themselves with initial issues/hiccups.

All the above factors are mandatory

Finding a top-notch software service provider is not a big deal if you haven’t overlooked any of the mandatory factors mentioned above. Make sure your martial arts software provider has all these qualities, so you don’t have to repent over your investment.

You can directly reach out to JIBASoft, as they have all the above qualities. Investing in OnMat, Martial arts studio software, gives you 24/7 support, user training, and a free demo. Contact for a free demo and more information here.

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