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Automate Business Processes with Martial Arts Software

May 5, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Have you recently started a martial arts studio? If so, you need to handle various processes – from tracking students to managing bill payments and more. However, all these tasks are tedious to handle manually. That’s why you need a proper martial arts software to automate your business processes. With this software, you can easily manage different business tasks with ease.

Here are different businesses processes that you can handle with martial arts software:

Managing Payments:

The martial arts studio software helps businesses to manage their payments. How? Well, it helps in integrating the invoices with the online payment system. Due to this feature, it is easier to collect on-time payments while keeping track of new payments. Furthermore, the martial arts billing software enables you to sell merchandise while providing other benefits to gain new customers.

The second benefit of martial arts studio software is that it helps you manage payments. Hence, it is beneficial for your business as well.

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Keeping track of the students

Another major benefit of martial arts studio software is that it helps to keep track of every student. It can help to sort the students as per their belt levels. This makes it very convenient to offer the right type of class according to their belt level. This automated system also comes with an integrated billing system that’s simple and secure. So, overall, it is easier to manage the business with this system with full efficiency.

Manage and Track Member Engagement:

Thanks to this advanced software, it is able to track and manage the engagement level of the enrolled members. It helps in tracking late fees, offer an online payment mode, and also other features to retain members. Moreover, this software monitors different activity levels of various members. Therefore, you can work on your business based on member behavior and activity. This is how there are more chances for a business to gain more profits.

Less Administrative Time:

Martial arts studio software also helps in reducing administrative time. The ability to automate administrative tasks is its major advantage. It does so by decreasing the time you generally spend on chasing a members payments. With this software, you can easily send payment reminders to the members without manually looking at the records for pending payment. That’s how your administrative time gets reduced and you can focus on other tasks for business growth.


The software is also beneficial to send marketing messages or emails to members or potential customers. This helps a martial arts studio to promote their services. The best thing about the automated software is that staff does not have to manually send emails to the customers. The system itself sends the emails and messages to the members and potential clients. That’s how martial arts studio management software helps in growth of a business by promoting their activities.

Keeping Tab on Student’s Attendance:

Another essential benefit of martial arts studio software is that it keeps a tab on student attendance. It can even enable you to send timely emails to students and their parents regarding the class offerings or other new events. Due to the software, it is easier to track each and every aspect of a class. Hence, the business becomes more efficient and productive.

Managing the Membership Database:

A martial arts software is also a valuable tool to run the complete studio. It helps in simplifying various business tasks, including membership database management. It means that members can pay online on one platform and the same platform is helpful for adding new members at a click of a button. It even supports the payments through credit cards. Meanwhile, it is very useful for any business to save their time for other important tasks.


A martial arts software is helpful to track schedules, members, and billing processes of a business. It also helps in streamlining the workflow while minimizing the repetitive work. Therefore, it is easier for businesses to improve the productivity of the staff. Using the right program, it is easier to keep track of different students’ needs.

If you need advanced software to automate your business, contact us for our martial arts studio software.

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