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Automate The Process Of Appointments With Dojo Management Software

February 22, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Martial arts is a sports discipline that works on a plan of attack. Being a dojo owner, you should also have a plan of attack. Otherwise, your studio may fall off course. But! How do you devise the plan of attack when you lack the key component. When you own a dojo in the 21 century, your practices should match the next generation proximities. As most businesses are online, you cannot stay in the doom and plan to run the business in a traditional walk-in way. Therefore, automation is the first component you should take care of. You must have comprehensive Martial Art School Software that can help you manage your clients and trainers all from the same platform.

The software will help you schedule the classes according to the availability of trainers and manage the attendance of students present. If you still lack this component, book a demo from JIBASoft now. OnMat by JIBASoft is a solution to all your dojo automation needs.

Dojo Management Software helps schedule class calendar 

Gone are the days when studio owners had to sit with a register to plan classes and assign trainers manually. This used to be an everyday headache due to the lack of communication and technology. But, with the availability of comprehensive Martial Arts Student Management like OnMatdojo owners can now schedule class calendars in advance and keep them posted online for easy reach. Both students and trainers can access the calendar and reserve classes as per their availability in a few clicks through the software.

The software will display trainers’ names, slots, the timing of classes, and other necessary information as per owners’ needs. Owners can also easily manage new appointments through the software and assign them a free demo class.

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So, evidentially, investing in software is a useful component of running the studio and aiming to scale it for better growth. And if you have any doubts, read these benefits of Dojo Management Software. These will help in making the right decision.

Reduced time of tracking attendances

Grow over the traditional roll call method and track attendances with the help of dojo software. This cut down the need to engage front desk executives in the attendance tracking process. Instead, you can engage them in other important jobs.

Stay well-prepared with class schedules

Technology has made life easier and simpler. You can pre-plan the appointments and cancel them anytime. The same can be worked out with a comprehensive and sleek Martial Art School Software like OnMat. As an owner, you can plan the training schedule, allocate trainers and post it online. Students can reserve the classes of trainers and pre-book. This will also solve the issue of equipment scarcity. The requirement can be managed likewise.

Make class reservations in advance

Not all students can be available at the same time as others can. Well, this issue can be permanently solved with pre-planned class schedules. Students can make class reservations through the software according to their availability.

Allow automated dojo check-in process

The pandemic has well-taught us about the virtues of online classes. Collectively, it has also opened the door of martial arts learning for interested students sitting quite afar. With the automated check-in process, all students from far lands can also check in online in the class and learn martial arts from the best trainers.

Automated class reminders with text and emails

Some Martial Art School Software(s), including OnMat, come with the features of automated class reminders. Students are sent text messages and emails a day prior to classes. This helps students pre-plan their appointments and regularly attend martial arts training sessions.

Increased accountability of dojo and its practices

When you are able to use your studio and its resources comprehensively, you are at the best practices. You scale better and earn good profits.

But all these benefits are only possible when you have a customized Dojo Management Software to fulfill your martial arts studio’s needs. If you have not booked any right now, contact JIBASoft.

OnMat by JIBASoft is complete software for all your dojo’s management and automation needs. You can book a free demo now.

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