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Benefits of Using Our Dojo Management Software at Your Studio

January 28, 2019 • JIBASoft INC

Dojo management software is developed especially for martial arts schools to help the owners manage memberships, skills and belt testing, and billing. They can save a lot of time and save money by switching from manual methods to dojo software. The OnMat software designed and developed by JIBASoft is highly beneficial for martial arts studios as it can reduce the overhead of administration, management chores and so much more. Our management software is one of the most powerful management tools that should be in your arsenal. Here are the benefits of using our dojo management software:

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction – One of the primary benefits of using the software is guaranteed customer satisfaction. The powerful membership management solution helps you stay connected with members through the member portal, communicate with them about classes and results, send them mails regarding payment, membership discounts and birthday offers. When you can do so much for your members, the satisfaction rate will increase automatically.

Dojo Management Software

Maximized Business Performance – The software helps you maximize your business performance by integrating membership management and other business tasks with payment processing. You can keep track of the monetary transactions, get an accurate view of your business’ finances and reduce errors. The JIBASoft’s martial arts management software comes integrated with a premier credit card company for easy payment processing. Having this information helps you know the financial performance.

Better Real-Time Interactions – When you integrate software in your day to day business operations, it not only becomes feasible for you to send emails and SMS texts, it also helps your member stay connected to your business through their smartphones and mobile devices. With higher engagement with the members, you can reduce attrition. The integrated social media management tools help in better marketing of your business. It also helps you interact with the members in real-time and answer their questions and solve issues if any.

Gain Valuable Insights – How well is your organization doing? The software stores all the information at one centralized dashboard so it becomes a lot easier to keep track of all activities, memberships, and monetary transactions. It also helps you know about the bounced payments and monthly revenue generated. This all together helps you get valuable insights of your business operations to make smart decisions and improve business performance.


There are ample benefits of using our dojo management software. No matter what is the size of your martial arts studio, this management software is the clear choice for streamlined studio admin processes.

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