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Best Martial Arts School Management Software For New Studio

May 18, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Have you lately begun a new martial arts studio? You must be looking for a way to tackle various processes – from registering new members, to managing bill payments, tracking their attention, and more. But all these processes are not easier to manage manually. That’s why you need JIBA Soft’s automated martial arts school management software to handle every business task conveniently.

Continue reading to know how our advanced martial arts software is beneficial for new martial arts studios.

JIBA Soft OnMat Martial Arts School Management Software is Easy-to-use

When running a new martial arts studio, you already have so many tasks at hand and not enough people for handling them. Most new studio owners have to handle everything on their own. It is because they have to cut down by not hiring unnecessary employees.

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That’s why you need an advanced JIBA Soft dojo management software that’s intuitive and advanced. The best thing about this high-tech software is that it is very easy to use and does not even need a lot of time for setting it up.

Since it is easy to use, it’s quite affordable as well. You can invest a little in this advanced martial arts school management software to make your admin tasks smoother. From member registration to attendance tracking and bill management, this one software is worth every penny spent on it.

JIBA Soft’s Martial Arts Software Handles Work of Various Employees

As said earlier, many new martial arts schools have a tight budget to spend on large staff. After all, hiring new staff is expensive. But one efficient way to cut down the cost is with automated JIBA Soft martial arts software. A computer installed with this advanced martial arts studio software can handle the work of various employees. Hence, you can save money, as well as time that you otherwise had to spend on recruitment and employee payment.

Our advanced martial arts billing software may not only handle the payroll and manage payments. But it also advertises your business online to attract new students. It is because it also works as a virtual marketing manager to enroll students, track students’ attendance, enroll them easily and send them regular emails, social media posts, etc. All these activities are essential to retaining students while attracting new ones.

Our Martial Arts School Management Software Helps in School Growth

The utmost need for a new martial arts studio is to grow significantly. This is possible with the admission of new students and retaining existing members with regular bill payments. A martial arts school requires students for their bread and butter. Once the facility is ready and you’ve set a specific curriculum for teaching students, the next responsibility is to enroll more new students for successful business growth.

That’s when you need automated martial arts management software for promoting and marketing your martial arts services. By targeting the right audience, a new martial arts studio is most likely to attract new customers and retain those who are already enrolled.

It also helps in simplifying business admin tasks, including database management. It means that members may pay bills online on the platform. Meanwhile, the same platform is useful to add new members simply with a few touches on a smartphone screen or via desktop. It also supports payments using credit cards while saving business time for handling other important tasks. And, also useful for any business to save time for other important tasks.


It is best to use JIBA Soft martial arts software, as it is easy to use, affordable, and offers many growth opportunities. Whether you have a new martial arts studio or an established one, this martial arts school management software is helpful to make any business grow by managing important tasks.

Since it helps in streamlining the everyday workflow while reducing repetitive work, it improves productivity as well. With the use of the right program, one can conveniently track various students’ requirements and offer them the desired services they need for better customer satisfaction.

Need our advanced martial arts software for business automation? Contact us for downloading our martial arts studio software to make your school become a big community faster than you imagine.

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