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Boost Business with Right Martial Arts Members Management Software

February 21, 2019 • JIBASoft INC

Managing a martial arts studio is a mind boggling process. You need to be perfect in the administrative tasks along being the trainer. From membership management to attendance tracking to skills management – there’s a lot to be handled by you and your team. This is where martial arts members management software comes into play. The martial arts school management software is a good choice if you want your fitness business to flourish.

1. Effective Membership Management

Members are the first priority for every fitness facility. An effective membership management software allows you to engage with your members. This easy-to-use solution streamlines your membership management process and help you save more time. It automates everything, from billing, payments, email receipts, to membership subscriptions, and so much more.

2. Effective Attendance Tracking

While managing the administrative tasks, it is also important to keep track of the attendance. This helps you know how many students are regularly attending the class and how many have cancelled their registrations. Attendance tracking will increase member retention rates and reduce cancellations.

3. Effective Integrated Billing

A payment processing solution well-integrated into your martial arts software helps you manage accounting, members, billing and other business applications. JIBASoft’s OnMat martial arts billing software helps you save time and money, reduce errors and get a more accurate view of your business. It is a simple, all-inclusive one-stop shop integrated solution.

4. Effective Skills Management

When you adopt an agile methodology for skills management, it helps you understand, develop, and train people as per their desired skills and goals. A proper skills management software helps you know the specific goals that an individual seeks, implement a strategy that bridges the gap between the two. It should be an ongoing process where individuals are assessed and their achievements are updated.

5. Effective Social Media Integration

Apart from effective membership management and attendance tracking, it is also vital to stay connected with the members. The martial arts school management software allows you to send emails and SMS texts to help members stay connected with your business from their mobile device. The well-integrated social media management tools help in better marketing of your business.

Along with the above mentioned features, the martial arts members management software helps you define ranks and goals. It also helps you manage belt testing automatically, test and promote your members as they progress through your curriculum. The software is sure to increase profitability and reduce administrative duties and errors. We, at JIBASoft, also assure you to provide full support for operating your martial arts school management software.