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Choose the Best Martial Arts Billing Software For Your Studio

July 6, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

You may have started a martial arts studio for your fitness and to inspire others to stay fit. Or maybe you wanted to turn your passion for martial arts into a living. However, handling the admin work often takes unnecessary time. So, you may start feeling that you have less time to devote to your passion. Not anymore! You can get back your time with the best martial arts billing software.

Billing software is not just for making transactions convenient, but it also offers many other features. Here are some crucial features to consider when choosing the right martial arts billing software for payments and school/studio management:

-Easy to use

Make sure that the chosen martial arts billing system is easy to use. This will keep you from answering calls or responding to texts and emails all the time. The best online software for martial arts must make it simpler for individuals to find and enroll in classes from your website.

It must:

Display all your classes along with times, dates, and other instructions.

Enable students to sign up for virtual classes – provided you offer classes via Google Meet, Zoom, or other virtual software.

-Martial Arts Billing Software Must Offer Flexible Payment Process

If your choose JIBA Soft Dojo billing software, it makes the payment process very simple. Hence, it eliminates the issues of manually collecting the money and calculating them at the office. Here are the important things to consider when looking for advanced billing software are:

It accepts various payments, such as debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers.

It works from any electronic device, such as a phone, laptop, or tablet.

You need to check whether it tracks payments via check, cash, credit, and other options.

The software must also offer flexible payment options, such as automated recurring payments, as well as one-time payments.

It must securely store financial data and also process sensitive customer data with care.

It also must easily accommodate coupons, gift cards, or customer loyalty cards.

-Student Management — Offers Student Information in One Place

Do you want to take payments and student registrations online? If so, it’s vital to keep all the valuable data just in one place. But when choosing a Dojo business software, you need to consider the given questions:

Does it offer you extra information on the value? For instance, can you see the classes taken by a student? Can you easily add notes for every student?

Does the system let you track the contact information of all the students?

Can you collect and keep confidential and important documents, such as waivers, in the system?


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-Martial Arts Billing Software Must Also Provide Business analytics

Good martial arts software helps you track student payments and sign-ups. But it even offers you valuable data about a business. So, you need to look for software that offers powerful analytics.

Here are certain questions to consider when choosing software with student management along with payment:

Can it offer a snapshot of the entire cash flow and overall financial health of your business?

Does it highlight the latest trends in sign-ups of classes, such as popular times and popular classes?

Does it include a robust revenue dashboard?

Can it let you track incoming and outstanding bills or payments?

Can it sync and integrate with the current accounting software, such as QuickBooks?

-Automated communication

A martial arts billing software must also provide you with an option for automated communication. This will let you send automated payment confirmations, payment deadline reminders, and other important emails. When choosing for good software, you need to look for the given features:

Ability to send out automated communications, such as class updates, upcoming events, competitions, or new schedules.

Automatic payment reminders and confirmations.

-Cloud-based Software to Access from Anywhere, Anytime

Lastly, you need to ensure that your martial arts billing system is cloud-based. Hence, it can keep all the data you require on hand and let you access it at any time. Plus, you can access the data from any device – no matter where you are. It is even great for letting other staff retrieve accurate information when they may need it.

Ready to install the best martial arts software for managing your studio/school? JIBASoft Dojo business software is the right option with all the given features. Contact us today to install this software or for more information.

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