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Dojo Business Software To improve Member Retention at Studio

January 30, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

Want to improve member retention at your martial arts studio? Well, members who have lost their interest in martial arts classes are less likely to return. Therefore, the dojo studio owners need to form proper strategies to re-engage members to sustain student numbers and also attract more. But how to do so? You need professional dojo business software for that.

In this article, we’ll discuss how dojo software can help martial arts studio owners to retain their existing members.

Why is member retention crucial for martial arts studios?

Member retention has a major impact on financial revenue at martial arts studios. It is because attracting new members is more time-consuming and more expensive than retaining existing members.

There’s no doubt that advertising costs a lot for attracting students to your martial arts studio. When you are trying to gain the attention of potential customers, you have to spend a lot of money to attract a completely new student base from time to time. On the other hand, retaining existing members won’t only cost you less, but those members are also likely to refer to their family and friends to join your studio. And, when the existing students start bringing in more students, it’s quite priceless!

But how to improve member retention with dojo business software?

Ways to improve member retention at the martial arts studio

Here are some vital things that you need to concentrate on for improving member retention at your martial arts studio:

-Focus on lead generation

When you are arranging martial arts classes, you need members for them. It shows that you have to do more for lead generation. Lead generation may appear to be a hard task at first but with dojo business software you can take control over all participants who want to join in. Moreover, you also get control over existing members at your martial arts studio.

With the lead generation feature on JIBASoft’s OnMat, you may easily target members who you may retain due to improper schedules and inefficient timing. Plus, improving martial arts classes is also a feasible way to train them and keep them engaged.

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-Re-Engage With Members Who Are Not Regular

Members who are not regular in classes cannot learn as quickly as others who are regular. It may cause dropouts and frustration in them. You must identify those members who are irregular in their classes. It will help you to figure you the right measures of preventing that situation.

When you know who the irregular members are, you may re-engage with those people. You can consider interacting with them to know why is there a lack of interest. This way you can come up with appropriate solutions to retain them. It will also show them your genuine concern for them.

Moreover, you may use dojo payment collection software for figuring out members who have not paid fees on time. You also need to talk to them about the problems and find the right ways to re-engage with them.

-Email Campaigns To Re-Engage With Dropped-Out Members

Along with martial arts software, you need email campaigns to start re-engaging with your dropped-out members. You can talk to those members can highlight the benefits of engaging in martial arts. This may encourage them to rejoin your martial arts classes.

Another benefit of using email campaigns through dojo business software is to pitch good offers and discounts. It will further encourage them to rejoin the classes again.

-Use a Reward System To Motivate Regular Members

Since everyone loves appreciation, it’s best to use a reward system to keep your regular members motivated to come for more classes. You can offer verbal appreciation or certifications to regular members for attaining certain achievements. Hence, they are most likely to enjoy all the sessions.

You can even give a shout-out to specific students on social media handles, website, or through email. It also works as the same motivator as certification or any tangible reward, like a prize or gift. With such achievements, even parents of kids in a martial arts studio will feel proud and encourage them to attend it regularly.

-Use Dojo Business Software To Form Attendance Leaderboard

Take the reward to the system to another level with an attendance leaderboard created by JIBASoft martial arts software. You may also share it on your monthly newsletter, social media channels, and website.

This will help you to form a strong relationship with martial arts studio members and keep them encouraged to keep up with regular attendance.


If you run a martial arts studio business using any cloud-based management system, you must know it can help with member retention. JIBASoft’s OnMat software can help your business to retain members by providing convenient functionality. Using this software system, you can make the most of the member retention strategies and also would attract more potential members. Begin your journey today by installing our software today.

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