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Dojo Management Software For Email, Text & Billing Automation

November 17, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

When you run a dojo business, you need to stay connected with the members for retention. However, dojo owners have very little time to connect and build a business relationship with each client. That’s where they need the help of the right dojo management software. With the help of advanced software, dojo owners can improve communications with studio members by setting up email and text automation.

With the use of email marketing platforms, one can easily automate messages while creating custom workflow automation, custom email campaigns, and text messages. When you set up automatic email and text messages to forward to every client, it helps you eliminate communication gaps. So, there won’t be any confusion regarding the upcoming events, class time changes, and membership bills.

Here are some sample text or email automation by dojo management software:

Email Automation

Upcoming Bill

SMS Appointment Reminder

Welcome Emails/Texts

Expiring Membership

We Miss You

Birthday/Anniversary Messages

Besides automating emails and text messages, email marketing platforms also provide you with enough tools for automating audience retention. It also helps with lead nurturing and audience segmentation.

Automating Audience Segmentation

Martial arts studio software is great for automating audience segmentation. It does so simply with the setting of custom triggers as per customers’ actions and behaviours. For instance, if your follower clicks on a link, opens an email, or fills out a form, you can automatically set to move that subscriber to a certain subscriber list or an additional group.

Automating Lead Nurturing With Dojo Management Software

The formation of workflow automation is ideal to nurture your subscribers and turn them into customers. More than 50 percent of the qualified leads are not able to make a buying decision. So, nurturing the customers is vital for the acquisition process of the clients.

It is a very simple procedure to set up lead nurturing automation. It involves the formation of workflow automation as per the subscriber’s level of engagement. If someone clicks on a link in your sent email or downloads your content, it is easier to set up a trigger for sending automatic emails in the future. It can push the subscriber into a customer with conversion.

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Automate Retention

When you stay in touch with studio members via anniversary or birthday emails, they feel special. It also helps you to stay connected with the members while improving client retention rates. Another way to connect with the client base is to set up email triggers as per the client’s outcomes and overall fitness journey.

When you acknowledge their achievements, the clients feel more confident while you get to reinforce customer loyalty to your dojo program. It is possible with a simple setup of email automation for connecting with the clients. For retention, you need to celebrate their workouts,  workout completion, personal records, and different fitness milestones.

Automate Billing Via Dojo Management Software

Besides monthly payment setup, dojo management software can help you organize distinct payment setups, like bi-weekly, weekly, or bi-monthly payments for billing. You just have to start/stop the member’s billing by clicking on a button. Then, set up automated reminders for payments for failed or upcoming payments. This lets you simplify the payment collection procedure while improving success rates.

It also keeps the member’s authorization forms on the online documents. It helps in dealing with future customer disputes or chargebacks that one may face at any time.

Benefits of Setting Up Automated Emails, Texts, & Billing

Save money and time by not chasing members for payments.

Avoid associating with cashing checks and running to a bank.

Help with customer retention and increase brand loyalty.

Receive automatic updates or notifications for failed returns or payments.

Improve communication with customers.

Increase monthly revenue and collection rates.

JIBA Soft’s Dojo Management Software

With the help of dojo management software, you can easily automate emails, texts, and billing processes. It helps you and your members to have better accessibility to new programs, and current schedules and also manage billing records. The automation messages help clients to know about time slots, custom classes, reservation limits, and waiting lists for further classes. Hence, it makes their life easier. And, when they are at ease using your software, they are most likely to come back.

JIBA Soft offers the best OnMat software for dojo owners to help them automate digital tasks. So, the owners can focus on improving the classes and providing other facilities to the members. Meanwhile, the members get to print out weekly, daily, or monthly data on billing and class schedule.

If you need our advanced dojo software for your martial arts studio, get in touch with JIBA Soft’s team for easy download and installation.

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