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Dojo Management Software Helps Your Business To Sway Parents

November 8, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

Martial art is a disciplinary sport. It has become one of the go-to sporting activities for kids because it brings discipline into their lives and teaches them self-defense. Having said that, martial art has been favored by the majority of parents as a must-include activity along with academics. Therefore, the martial arts studios should make their promotional and marketing strategies align with the likings and preferences of parents. Things like proper dojo management software, automated billing & registration, and a safe studio environment propel parents to make the right decision and choose your martial arts studio over others.

But the list does not end here. Your responsibility as the dojo owner demands you to promote awareness among parents as to why martial arts course is a great choice for their kids and how it helps their kids boost confidence and practice self-defense. And awareness starts with making your dojo align with the expectations of parents. So, read about these tips mentioned below to influence parents and make your studio more kid-friendly and inviting.

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-Invest in a martial arts studio software

As a martial arts studio owner, if you can never skip complaining about the shortage of time, you need to switch the way you run your dojo. You require to do smart work rather than hard work. And it is only possible if you have efficient software like OnMat to support your back. A credible martial arts studio software will reduce your work and increase the profit margin. It will reduce the need for multiple staff and will allow you to get enough time to plan for your business promotion and marketing.

-Showcase a great image of your studio

With a cluttered and highly competitive market, people can skip noticing you as a reliable martial arts studio to trust their kids with. Therefore, build a great image among your target audience and let your logo or branding speak for you. A streamlined brand promotion, a neatly designed martial arts studio, and uniform will definitely help you attract students via their parents.

-Automate invoicing & registration process with dojo management software

When you choose automation over the traditional form of running a dojo, you make the right selection. Automated services help you keep everything under the same umbrella. You can manage students & staff, generate invoices, perform billing, and track belt management with the same software. The automation curbs the need for manual bookkeeping and restores disorganization, especially when dealing with multiple staff. Therefore, research well and choose the right software. You can also call for a free OnMat demo to get started with the most accolade dojo management software in the market.

-Keep parents aware of their kids’ performances

Always keep parents in the loop and inform them about their kids’ performance. The simplest way of doing this is to prepare their profiles online on the software allow the access to their parents. This way parents will be able to track their kids’ performances and plan accordingly.

-Make your studio safe and follow COVID protocols

Parents want their kids to remain safe during this dreaded time of the pandemic. Although the tussle is under-control still, you should be careful as a responsible martial arts studio owner. You should follow all COVID safety protocols while arranging physical classes again. Your studio must be cleaned well, have hand sanitizer installed on-premises, and clean equipment on a regular basis.

This will help the disease to stay under control and does not contaminate any kid of your studio.

-Teach kids to become self-reliant and confident

Parents want their kids to be self-reliant and confident. That’s the reason why they enroll their kids in martial arts courses. But the studio should reflect its worth and make parents believe that their kids are in the right hand. Therefore, convey the message properly and make parents understand that joining your studio will make their kids self-reliant and confident. You can use online brochures, seminars, and videos to inform parents and motivate them to enroll their kids in your martial arts studio.

Along with all tips mentioned above, showcase the legacy your institute holds to parents and introduce them to your worthy teachers. It would be best if you focused on promoting their qualification and credentials. For the rest of the job, leave it on martial arts studio softwareYou can skip the hassle of selection and choose to go with OnMat by JIBASoft. Get a free demo right away!!!

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