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Dojo Management Software To Improve Your Studio’s Performance

May 16, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

For people owning a martial arts studio, it’s important to make sure their business operates effectively and efficiently. But handling all administrative tasks manually is a daunting task. Therefore, it is essential to use Dojo management software with advanced features to automate everyday tasks. In this article, we’ll discuss with you the advantages of JIBA Soft’s dojo management software for martial arts studios.

What is Dojo Management Software?

Dojo management software is a crucial online tool to help martial arts school owners to manage their businesses well. It automates different administrative tasks while streamlining their operations. It enables business owners to concentrate on their core business – i.e. to teach martial arts. This software comes loaded with advanced features, such as attendance tracking, student management, marketing, scheduling classes, and billing and payments. One can easily access it online, making it convenient for the management to handle various business aspects with ease.

Advantages of Dojo Management Software

Dojo business software provides many advantages to owners of martial arts studios. Here are many key benefits of using this software:

Tracking students

One of the major benefits of this martial arts management software is to track student activities. It helps in sorting the students depending on their different belt levels. It makes it easier for offering the right type of class schedules to them, as per their belt ranking. The automated system also has an integrated billing system, which is safe and secure. So, managing the business with this system is highly efficient.

Reporting And Belt-Tracking Effective

Depending on the performance of students, the software automates their belt ranking while offering financial reports to the business owners, as well as members. On the dashboard, you can clearly see the reports of monthly payments, cancelled subscriptions, product sales, and more. By streamlining data and reporting, business owners can easily track members’ performance and guide them to achieve their goals.

Manage Member Engagement

This advanced software also helps in managing enrolled members’ engagement levels. It does so by tracking online payments, and late fees, and has other interesting features, like online interaction, for retaining members. Plus, the software monitors the distinct activity levels of different members. So, business owners can make changes to their business as per member activities and behavior. Hence, there are more chances for them to gain more profits.

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Saves Time

Thanks to JIBA Soft’s dojo management software, business owners can save their administrative time. For instance, when business owners spend less time chasing members’ payments because the software automates this task, they can focus on other important tasks. Using this software, they can easily send payment reminders without having to check their payment records manually. This is how administrative time decreases while enabling owners to concentrate more on business growth.


This software also helps studios to manage their promotions. It can automatically send promotional emails and messages to members and potential customers. So, the staff doesn’t need to spend their time sending emails and texts individually to all the members. Instead, they can work on other important tasks that can help in the growth of the business.

Monitoring Student’s Attendance

Another major advantage of using martial arts software is it helps in monitoring student attendance. It also helps you to send time-to-time emails to students and parents about attendance, class activities, and other events. Since the software can easily keep a tab on each aspect of a martial arts class, it helps businesses to be more productive while being efficient in different aspects.

Simplifies Membership Database

Dojo management software even helps in simplifying the management of the membership database. It means that members get to conveniently pay online on one platform. Meanwhile, this same platform can also help business owners to attract new members at the click of a few buttons. It also supports different modes of payment, like credit cards, debit cards, online payments, etc. So, businesses can save a lot of time and spend it doing other important tasks.

Why Install OnMat Dojo Management Software By JIBASoft?

JIBA Soft’s OnMat Dojo management software comes integrated with a lot of services, such as billing, members management, and attracting potential members via marketing campaigns. The software also makes it easier for members to pay their monthly fees with minimal processing. Plus, this software supports almost all payment modes and even allows coupon billing. The best part is that no hidden fee is involved in monthly payments. And, a business can even customize this software as per their specific needs. Contact the official team for a quick demo of the software.

Final Thoughts:

Using the right dojo management software, martial arts studio owners can get positive results indeed. By positive results, we mean seeing improvement in business growth and profitability. It happens because the software automates the regular repetitive administrative tasks while helping business management save a lot of time. This means that they can spend their remaining time planning for expansion and growth.

Are you looking for the right automated dojo business software? Contact JIBA Soft right away. You can check out the website for the product demo and decide whether to buy it or not.

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