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Enhance The Tuition Collection With Dojo Tuition Collection Software

March 4, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Owning a martial arts studio eats out most of the time. You don’t get enough time in your hands to think and work for the business scaling and upgrade. But when you take the help of technology, you smooth line the hassles of completing clerical tasks, collecting tuition fees, and scaling your business to a new level. But what kind of technology can help you with the purposes? The answer is Martial Arts Billing Software and management software.

What if you get a complete package in one?

OnMat from JIBASoft offers 360-degree solutions for martial arts studio management and billing. With the software, you get the freedom to automate the billing/tuition collection process. You don’t need to follow up with each student every time the due date, and the software will send automated follow-ups regarding the pending tuition fee and late fee.

Thus, automate your martial arts studio’s process as much as you can. This way, you can connect to your students in a better way. But, obviously, you have some questions boggling your head like where to find the software, how to begin, etc. Here, let this blog help you with all your queries and concerns.

The first step: Get integrated electronic payment collection

Screen out the best tuition collection software in the market and find reliable Dojo Tuition Collection Software for your studio, like OnMat. With software, integrate electronic payment collection and get started with online payment collection. The integration will allow minimal involvement and fast tuition collection.

OnMat allows students to feed their payment methods for easy tuition payment onwards. There is absolute security in feeding the payment details. The account credentials are not shared with the third party.

The second step: Start integrating your offerings with software

Once you have taken the leap, move further customize the software according to your offerings. You can already see parents and students enjoying the automated tuition fee collection and adding other services to give them all-round feasibility. You can other features like;

Charging tuition fees on an hourly, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis.

Adding multi-faceted discounts and offers

Prorating the tuition for upcoming sessions.

Mentioning the frequency of billing.

Adding features like ‘on the go’ where students pay only when they take the class.

Adding discounts offers and rebates on tuition fee

Discounts and offers motivate parents to enroll their kids in extra-curricular activities, including martial arts, etc. It is a great marketing technique that is virtuous for enhancing the number of registration processes and skyrocketing your dojo’s business. With selected offers and discounts, you can also promote your dojo’s latest curriculum, schedule, and offerings. So, take the help of OnMat dojo management software and create customized offers and discounts. With the help of automated discounting, you spare your valuable time from providing manual discounts and maximizing more revenue through dojo’s business.

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But before you use any comprehensive Martial Arts Billing Software to provide discounts and prorate the fee, you need to understand both concepts well. Let’s discuss each one by one.

What is discounting?

It is a process of providing the rebate or reduction over the gross value of tuition fees for martial arts classes offered by your studio.

What is prorating?

It is the process of dividing the gross fee proportionally based on time. You can charge students based on the number of classes they have taken, leaving out the holidays, etc.

So, whether you wish to provide a flat discount or prorate your dojo’s fee structure, allow OnMat by JIBASoft to help. With the help of software, you can take the ease of doing business to new levels with better customer engagement and revenue generation.

Get a free demo for OnMat and take the leap

Are you ready to take the leap? Contact experts from JIBASoft to get a free demo of the software. Once you are satisfied with features and flexibilities, venture in. You can also ask for software customization according to your business needs. The team at JIBASoft will put everything together for a smooth flow.

OnMat re-invents the pleasure of tuition collection and simplifies membership management, attendance tracking, skill & belt management, rank management, and customized program creation. For more information, fill our queries at Contact Us.

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