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Facts To Consider When Choosing Top Martial Arts School Software

February 7, 2024 • JIBASoft INC

When it comes to choosing the best martial arts school management software, is a highly subjective judgment. So, an ideal of one person’s best martial arts software may differ from yours. But the best thing to keep in mind when making such a crucial decision is to make your choice based on the facts – not on unsubstantiated claims and rumors. In this blog, we’ll share with you some facts to consider while selecting the top martial arts school software.

Fact 1: All Martial Art School Software are made equal

There are various martial arts school management software out there. From software created by students for performing simple tasks to professionally coded programs. On the other hand, some martial arts software is well-curated for professional martial artists, keeping their needs in mind. Like a seed determines a plant’s growth, so does a program’s source determines the development of the program. For instance, if you need professional school management software for your martial arts school, begin with software created by someone who knows the business. A professional who understands the need for martial arts school can create a successful software than someone who’s not aware of the industry.

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Fact 2: Size matters

While you are not sure how many programmers are working on a software or how many support personnel are on a specific team, you can choose a company depending on their availability. If it’s hard to reach them, you will not get good customer service. If you cannot understand your support personnel due to their unintelligible accent or different language, again you won’t get the best service. And, if you have to wait for weeks or months to get a request implemented, the customer service is not good again. When choosing the best Martial Arts School Management Software for your needs, you need a company with a good support system for clients. With proper customer service regularly, they can help you meet your requirements as per your preferences.

Fact 3: Unique features can make the difference

Many martial art school software do the basics. For instance, they can keep track of inventory, deliver reports, take care of digital agreements, track attendance, and more. They often save you time manually for keeping records. In case you need professional billing software, it’s a different level of competence. It needs also needs a maximum level of sophistication. That’s where you start distinguishing the pros from the amateurs.

If you need a top martial arts school software that helps your school grow, what to consider? Do you need the same software for marketing? Are you required to take care of your billing, as well as basic admin tasks? Consider your requirements and then choose the software that meets your needs. All such distinguishing features can help your martial arts school with dynamic change management. And, the best martial arts school management software must have all these aspects to be the best.

JIBASoft’s OnMat Software to Fulfill All Your Martial Arts School Requirements

JIBASoft’s OnMat software boasts a new approach to membership management. It is easy to use just like any other app on your iPhone and Android smartphone for member portals. Leveraging the latest technology, they offer a whole new aspect to membership management while displacing current technologies and conventional solutions. Thanks to JIBASoft, you may completely focus on your passion without spending time on basic tasks. When you simply focus on your skills, your business is likely to flourish while making you the same money and time with decreased administration overhead.

According to JIBASoft founders, Skills Management depends on understanding, training and developing people with desired goals and/or skills. Well-executed skills management means recognizing the skills that an individual wants to achieve and the certain goals that individuals seek. Meanwhile, it needs proper strategy implementation for blurring the lines between the two. No other firm offers an end-to-end solution for proper skills management, like JIBASoft. And, this makes it the best choice for a complete martial arts school management.


It’s not easy to cut through the hype. There are several aspects that one has to consider while looking for the best software. Hopefully, this guide provided some food for thought. Nonetheless, JIBASoft Onmat stands out as a reliable and all-in-one solution for tackling various martial arts school management. The founders of JIBASoft have over 60 years of experience in business management solutions. With their extensive knowledge and wisdom, they have come up with this cost-effective, easy-to-use membership management solution for martial arts schools.

Besides that, OnMat provides a self-service approach when it comes to pricing. You have to decide the right modules you need to use rather than paying for a full product you won’t require later. Just download OnMat for free to figure out what modules you’d like to use. Explore the website for detailed information.

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