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Find the Best Dojo Management Software For Your Studio

September 1, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Have you started a martial studio? Looking for an apt software to manage tasks related to dojo management? If so, you need to find the best dojo management software.

You have to be careful when looking for the best martial arts software for your facility. It is because it is easy to get caught up in some hyped features. And, in that case, you might ignore some essential features that you need for dojo management.

What to look for in dojo management software?

Here are some essential things to look for in an effective dojo management software:

Customer Support

When finding a martial arts studio software, one crucial feature is customer support. That’s why it is vital to find a perfect software company that supports you from the beginning and in the long run.

For instance, Jiba Soft is a reliable dojo software provider with several years of experience in the industry. Hence, they are one of the best choices to consider for long-term and reliable customer support.


Another vital thing to look for in the right software is your monthly budget. Pricing is a major factor depending on the number of dojo members in your studio.

Also, check whether a software provider gives you any offer or discount as per the number of active members. You also need to check hidden pricing. At times, many software providers can charge a small number of fees for compensating with expensive payment processing prices.

Hence, you need to research well and do a thorough analysis for getting the estimated processing and software costs. After analysing everything, you can consider the purchase of dojo management software.

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What are crucial dojo management software features for your studio?

The fundamental features required to streamline your martial arts studio should be included in an effective software solution. Why does that matter? Any software provider should strive to simplify your life as a martial arts studio owner.

So, you and your employees may spend less time on administrative duties and more time concentrating on expanding your fitness business.

The ideal software for your studio helps you save time and money both now and in the future! As a result, you want to think about choosing software that is basic and user-friendly for both you and your members.

Beware of software providers who overburden their dojo software with features that aren’t necessary and make it tough for you and your team to utilise. The last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on new martial arts management software and a lot of time re-training your staff and members.

Instead, concentrate on a streamlined software solution. Such software can provide exceptional customer assistance and the fundamental functionalities that your martial arts studio must have.

Here are some essential software features you need for your martial arts studio:

Membership Management

Using the dojo management software, you should be able to set up your studio’s membership categories for children, free trials, unlimited sessions, etc. The software can also help you accurately separate your current members from your previous, present, and trial members by forming the right categories.

Class Scheduling With Dojo Management Software

Class scheduling is another feature that is critical for your dojo. The program should include the fundamental features needed to create unique classes. It also helps in scheduling your training sessions or fitness classes. You can link your software with your studio’s website or app to ensure that your members can book online classes or from their smartphones.

Automatic Billing With Dojo Management Software

Automatic billing functionality is another major software feature for dojo software. It helps you set up recurring or one-time payments for billing dojo members once a month, once a week, or twice a week.

Using the right software, you can even use various payment methods for easy transactions directly from the software. In the long run, several payment options are highly cost-effective for a business.

Dojo Sign-up

Another crucial feature to consider in a martial arts studio software is the dojo check-in procedure. Your members should be able to sign in using key cards, smartphone apps, or sign-in kiosks online using the dojo software.

Financial Reporting & Attendance

You must have the ability in your dojo management software to monitor the daily and monthly attendance of your members. This allows you to keep track of how many lessons each member has taken and who your most dedicated members are.

You should also be able to easily create and export financial reports from your dashboard with the help of the software if you want to keep tabs on monthly membership sales, member retention, and purchased products.

JIBA Soft’s Dojo Management Software

If you are looking for all the given features in your martial arts management software, JIBA Soft’s dojo software is a perfect choice. It comes integrated with all the given features. Contact us to know more about the installation and use of this advanced dojo solution.

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