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Frustrated With Manual Billing? Here’s The Best Martial Art Billing Software!

February 3, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

We understand that you might have been frustrated with manual billings while running your martial arts school. But we have a solution to end this frustration. The only solution is OnMat! Yes! At JIBASoft, we believe that a skilled school owner is a successful school owner. For this to implement, we have our dojo tuition collection software platform that has the necessary tools to manage your business and engage your student’s billing and prospects.

Have you come across any of these issues while managing your martial arts school billing?

1. Frustration with manual billing (a waste of all-time entering credit card numbers)

2. Not able to understand why the students are kicking out or how to win back!

3. Spending countless hours on administrative tasks when you should have teaching classes.

4. Not having the time or the right tools to market your business to online marketing and members.

5. If you have experienced or are experiencing some of these issues, there must be a martial arts billing software program that you need.

Here’s how our martial arts billing software can save you from frustrating manual billings!

Automatic billing

Herein, there is a process of the transaction and you can set up subscription billing so that one will not skip paying again.

Belt rank tracking

Customizable belt rank courses to easily manage and identify the student’s belt rank based on each program.

Public relation

Here, one can send individual or group emails and texts to prospects and students and can reduce manual follow-up by automating alerts of billing.

Virtual training

A place where your students can access training videos in private based on their program and belt rank.


JIBASoft’s OnMat- The Best Martial Art Integrated Billing Software Features

Simple design

OnMat; the best martial arts billing software is simple, easy to navigate, and keep owners to remain focused in the business. Our clean interface has greatly improved the experience and efficiency of martial arts school owners.


We value your business and truly want to see your martial arts school succeed. JIBASoft’s OnMat starts at just $69 per month for less than 50 members in the studio. We also offer a free trial for 30 days.

Web-based software

Martial arts business owners love our software system because they can use it on a PC, tablet, or Mac. One can access JIBASoft’s OnMat billing software from anywhere anytime, whether you’re in a tournament, working from home, or in the gym.

Martial arts specialized

JIBASoft’s OnMat was created with one purpose: to be the best martial arts billing software system for school owners. Our software was designed with martial arts in mind and specific things for you.

JIBASoft’s OnMat billing software feature allows your students to easily self-check their fees payment timing. This means that you can save time, money, and the environment because you will not need any manual paperwork for billing.

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