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Get Future-Ready With Martial Arts Billing Software

August 20, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

The ongoing pandemic has taught us very well about staying ahead of time and be future-ready. If only many businesses and martial arts studios had prepared for this unforeseen pandemic situation, they would not have suffered for so long.

But it’s okay! All’s well; the end’s well!

Now, martial arts studios have understood the worth of automation. They have also understood the worth of Martial Arts Management Software and Martial Arts Billing Software handy.

In fact, we have been getting an immense response for our software OnMat by our clients. They have been sharing about how our software helped them cope up with the crucial time of the pandemic.

They even told us how they continued running their studio online without the need for physical indulgence. Many studios found our billing software of great help for fee collection. They found the software hassle-free and great for not making students come to the studio.

For them, our software came up as a huge support for their business. Our clients felt motivated to keep training online even amid the pandemic.

How JIBASoft’s Martial Arts Billing Software helps your studio?

Gone are the days when a person has to sit in a cubicle for the whole day, entertain queries of members, cut their payments’ receipts, and update them about the class schedules and other important information.

Now, the workload is shifted from the shoulder of humans to OnMat. It is reliable and effortless Martial Arts Members Management Software

The software takes over the crucial tasks of:

Attendance management

Fee collection and billing

Belt tracking

Skill management

Administrative responsibilities

E-mail marketing

Scheduling online classes

Activities and session scheduling, and much more.

With this software, martial arts studio owners now get ample time to supervise trainers and members. They can freely promote martial arts without burdening them with clerical tasks.

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A few other ways how OnMat helps your studio get future-ready are;

1. Parents don’t need to walk in for their kids’ performances

Parents’ concern about their children’s performance is not hidden from anybody. They remain in a constant panic about how they are performing or achieving their goals. But due to the traditional way of functioning, they could only visit martial arts studios only on the parent-teacher meet and check on the progress. But, with time, technologies have changed, as so did many martial arts studios.

With OnMat Martial Arts Software, the traditional system has become more accessible for both parents and students.


The software allows personal dashboards for all members.  On dashboards, parents can see their kids’ performance, achievements, results, grades, belt, skills, and attendance all on a single screen.


Don’t you think this automation and accessibility will help parents trust your dojo more than any other in the town?

2. Software helps in updating learning materials online

With Martial Arts Management Software like OnMat by JIBASoft, trainers can assign study materials and update the curriculum through the portal at once. In addition to this, the material and curriculum will be online and shared with all.


Also, the software will help teachers broadcast important updates and information about courses or exams without pasting a hard copy on the notice board.


Indeed with this advancement, students will remain well-informed and prepared about the upcoming events, skill tests, and exams.

3. Communication between teachers and students has become flawless

Communication has also become flawless and quick with the help of OnMat. Now, teachers can assign individuals with respective tasks and tag their parents along with it.

This freedom and ease of communication have never been achieved until the software got the deserved acclamation.

4. Fee collection and online payment have become seamless

Fee collection and reminders have always been a tricky part of running a martial arts studio. With so many students in a batch multiplied with many such batches in a day, taking care of each individual’s payment date and delays was a hectic task.

But, the pain has gone forever with the help of Martial Arts Billing Software. Now, studios can efficiently manage their fee structure along with the fee collection of hundreds of members, all at the same time.

Strategically developed software like OnMat comes with the features like;

Fee collection

Late fee intimation

POS and online fee payment

Installment management

With the help of the software, every student can pay their fee online with multiple credit cards. They will get payment receipts through email for payment approvals.

5. Studio administration runs flawlessly 

Adapting OnMat by JIBASoft can help ease the pain of burdensome studio administration.

With software help, dojo owners can manage resources like available teachers, employee details & leave status, and running class schedules without working it out on paper with a pen.

Just one single click and allotment is all Okay. Teachers won’t have to bother about mixed-up class schedules, delays in the class allotment, etc.

6. Belt tracking and skill management has become automated

Last but not least, here comes the way more burdensome task. It includes belt tracking and skill management of each student enrolled with your studios.

Ideally, not all students have the same level of enthusiasm and understanding. Thus, you cannot let anyone lag or allow the whole class to lag due to a single student.

Martial Arts Management Software has worked wonders at such a crucial place and allows trainers to keep a record of an individual’s belt and skills. This way, students can take time to get a set of martial arts skills and achieve the belt.

Parents even can track the number of classes required for their kids to reach a particular level and acquire the belt. Likewise, they can prepare their kids and help them achieve the milestones one by one.

Get OnMat Now!!

With all these benefits beforehand, every martial arts studio owner should invest in the software at the right time.

Moreover, if you want to know about OnMat, then place your query with us and wait. Our respective team member will immediately respond to your query. As per your schedule, they will also give you the required demo.

Throughout the demo session, you can ask innumerable questions about the software. You can also ask us for customization without any bar.

So, without much ado, write us or fill our contact us form. We await your query!!!!

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