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Grow with JIBASoft’s OnMat- The Best Martial Arts Studio Software

March 15, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

Well, you read it right! You can grow with JIBASoft’s best martial arts studio software! Before proceeding further, here you go!

OnMat as Martial Arts Software

 JIBASoft’s OnMat is the #1 martial arts class management software when it comes to managing classes and attendees. The collection of available tools makes management pain-free and easier. This integrated accounting software keeps your accounts up to date, automates your billing process, and helps you keep track of your receipts. Having the right tools to manage your classes effectively can put you in charge of your Dojo business, allowing you to focus on the things you love. Moreover, it is also known as Dojo Management Software which is truly world-class. The top martial arts programs in the world prefers JIBASoft’s OnMat software as their Dojo management program of choice because of its feature-rich applications, user-submitted feedback, and hundreds of enhancements each year.  Our solutions are designed to be customer-centric, giving you the right tools to effectively manage every aspect of your martial arts school.

Grow With JIBASoft’s OnMat- The Best Martial Arts Studio Software

Our Martial Arts Studio Software makes it easy for you to stay ahead of the competition and make smarter decisions.


It helps in scheduling all your martial arts resources such as facilities, employees, and activities in a color-coded schedule. Our scheduler is fully in sync with the member app, so members can book in classes and make appointments as well as make purchases.


Each martial arts studio is different, so we’ve made your software completely customizable based on your business needs and preferences. From membership based on sessions or classes, our membership management software has all the information you need to operate effectively.

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Staff Manager

Save time and money in your martial arts studio by using the staff module at OnMat. You can set shift, define staff roles, and track employee presence with our location-based clock in/out notifications.

Mobile Apps

The OnMat comes with a dedicated app to help you develop your martial arts studio and also allow your members to sign up, book, and pay for their favorite classes in the app. Individuals can also avail of the services such as personal training sessions, a massage can also be booked, which work in unison to drive your sales and revenue.

Member Portal

It can be fully integrated with your website. The added benefit of full integration is a seamless user experience that is unmatched in the fitness industry. The result is a large proportion of online services by your customers and members.

Leadership Management

Give your sales team the right tools they need to capture, grow, and convert new members. JIBASoft’s OnMat allows you to grow, monitor and plan your sales process. With OnMat, growing its member base has become easier.

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Try JIBASoft’s OnMat; free 30-day trial, no contract or credit card required!

Easily organize your martial arts student data with OnMat and allow more time for the training and progress of your students. Get our product demo now!