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Grow Your Business With Martial Arts Integrated Billing Software

September 20, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Looking for advanced martial arts integrated billing software for your studio? It’s a wise decision, as it can make a big difference in your business. It can help in member retention, bookings, engagement, and improving their experience in the studio. Meanwhile, it automates billing and fee collection.

The right martial arts software with a billing feature can reduce your admin tasks. Hence, it significantly increases better control over data. It even helps in driving decisions, like pricing, marketing, etc. You also get to spot gaps in your admin tasks with automated software. This way, you can work on improving your tasks to stand out from the competitors.

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Not only does a martial arts billing system makes your tasks easier and save you money, it even helps in the member journey – From inquiry procedure, hassle-fee payments, grading, and communication to getting easy notifications.

Here are some notable benefits of using martial arts integrated billing software for your martial arts studio:

Reduce Work Hours

One of the major benefits of using martial arts integrated billing software is that you can reduce your hours of doing hectic tasks. With the help of martial arts software, admins can automate their follow-ups and emails while managing the billing process, attendance tracking, class scheduling, and financial reporting. Hence, you and your employees don’t need to manage such everyday tasks and focus on teaching students while growing your dojo studio.

Easier Member management

With the assistance of martial arts billing software, you can also monitor student attendance and grades, and payment becomes simpler. All this is possible thanks to a single central database. All the repeated communication gets personalised and automated. It not only makes the tasks more effective but also saves you a tonne of time!

It is much easier for you and your students to book courses and private lessons, and access any online lessons when you have software that also creates a free martial arts club app for your students. Hence, you can drastically decrease all the administrative work and irradicate all the paperwork virtually.

Automated Billing and Fee Collection

Thanks to martial arts integrated billing software, it becomes easier to cut down time spent chasing members for their payments. The automated billing software itself sends reminders to members for collecting recurring or one-time payments for desired classes, annual membership fees, one-off purchases, or equipment. On installing martial arts billing software to your system, you get complete control over the payments and monitoring standing order payments.

Marketing With Martial Arts Integrated Billing Software

Using this software, you can even collect new member registrations, website leads, and subscribers to your official website. It can help in creating email campaigns for sending to your current customers, website leads, or other prospects for driving new trial sign-ups, product purchases, or membership sales.

It even helps in making the entire enquire process effortless and increasing conversion. Thus, it reduces the cost of conversion on paid marketing.

Streamlines Report Tracking & Increases Productivity

Thanks to martial arts billing software, you can even easily track reports monthly, weekly, or daily for payments collected, inquiries, expiring debit/credit cards, cancelled memberships, etc. It also helps to set targets for equipment sales, forecast future revenue expectations, and also track club retention.

It also increases productivity because it streamlines routine tasks and eliminates tedious ones. The correct program can be used to conveniently track different students’ needs and provide them with the requested services they demand greater customer satisfaction.

JIBA Soft’s martial arts integrated billing software does it all and beyond.

Our JIBA Soft martial arts software automates everything mentioned above. We also offer:

Free martial arts studio app that’s easy to personalise as per your preferences.

Unlimited training option.

Completely eliminate the need to chase a payment ever again, as it automatically sends reminders to the members for payments.

No contracts

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Undoubtedly, you use financial metrics to determine how successful a business is. Therefore, if you want to manage the financial structure of your studio without making mistakes, you need JIBASoft’s automated OnMat martial arts integrated billing software. It helps you properly track your finances while helping you make big savings. Consequently, your profit margins increase over time.

Need to automate your business using our cutting-edge martial arts software? Get in touch with us for downloading our martial arts studio software and grow your business faster than you could imagine.

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