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Tips To Grow Your Martial Arts Studio During The Summer

May 2, 2019 • JIBASoft INC

The summer holidays are approaching. It is at this time of the year when most children and adults go on a vacation. As temperatures rise, people become inactive. But you can’t let the summer season to be a slower month for your martial arts studio. You need a solid plan to get students and their parents off the couch and join your martial arts programs. As an owner of a martial arts school and after having designed martial arts student software for schools like us, we know what it takes to run a studio profitably, even during the off-season. In this blog, we will provide you three tips on how to grow your martial arts studio during the summer.

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  1. Organize Summer Camps

According to a recent survey by the American Camp Association, summer camps make a median profit value of $90,000. This means organizing a summer camp in your martial arts studio can also help you make profits and stay ahead of your competitors. Your summer camp should include a number of fun activities, apart from martial arts classes.

Create an encouraging environment where participants can learn about self-defense, teamwork, life skills, and fun things like swimming, games, arts, crafts, and language lessons. Get your instructors on board to help you manage the camp in the best way possible. Charge a suitable fee depending on the activities you would provide to the students and also keeping in mind that you need to hit your profit margins.


Perfect for: Kids and teenage students

You Need: Your studio, instructors to supervise kids, and martial arts students software to maintain a database, do registration work, and communicate with the parents.

Benefits: You can retain your existing students, attract more local customers, and get potential leads for the coming months.


  1. Incentivize Campers

Summer campers are your greatest opportunity to increase the number of students in your school. To increase new enrollments in your martial arts programs, offer financial rewards to summer camp participants. One of the best ways to do is to offer discounts on the registration fee. Create a buzz by offering incentives to those who register early.

If the participants do not register immediately after completing the summer camp, you can follow with them and their parents to know about their overall experience. Ask them to provide their feedback or review on social media channels and offer them cool merchandise (such as bottle, notebook, pen, T-shirt, etc.) with your school name written on it.


Perfect for: Summer camp participants and students whose memberships will end in the coming months.

You Need: Dojo management software to manage registration and payment and to communicate with students via email or SMS

Benefits: Incentivizing campers would increase new enrollments and retain existing members.


  1. Offer More Evening Classes

As a martial arts studio owner, you have to keep your members engaged in every season. Structure your class calendar according to the seasonal changes. Students won’t come to your martial arts classes in the scorching heat. You can organize more evening classes and save the day time for summer camp classes. Host weekly meetings for your regular members to discuss their progress, if you are falling short of time because of organizing summer camp.

Martial arts training isn’t just for children and teenagers. Adults (who are aged 18 and above) are growing interest in these programs. Offer a flexible schedule to adult members who have more important activities to do in the day time during the summer months.


Perfect for: Regular students and adult members

You Need: Martial arts students software to manage schedules, classes and to communicate with the members via email or SMS

Benefits: Grow your student base and increase retention rate

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Traditionally, summer season is an off-time for martial arts schools. With the help of the above-listed tips and our martial arts student software, you can grow your school during the summer. By hosting summer camps, incentivizing participants, and offering a flexible schedule to members, you can keep your studio busy and students happy. If you need assistance in setting up summer camps, registration, recurrent payment, or billing process in our OnMat martial arts student software, then feel free to contact us.