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Here’s Why You Need The Right Martial Arts Software For Your Business

November 1, 2018 • JIBASoft INC

Managing a martial arts school involves a lot of activities – from scheduling the classes to keeping track of the payments. Effectively handling these works becomes a cumbersome process. This is where martial arts student management software steps in; a software that can enable your business flourish while allowing you to teach your students with dedication.

Below are enlisted the ways by which the management software can help you achieve success in your business:

Effective Membership Management:

Members are the pillars of any martial arts studio. You need an effective system that keeps your members engaged and provides them good experience. A martial arts management software will help you streamline each part of the membership management process including late payments, automated billing, emails, check-ins and outs, SMS communications, membership portals and so much more.

Martial Arts Student Management

You can generate attendance reports of the individuals and share them with their parents. With better student management process in place, you increase retention rates and attract new members

Online Skills and Belt Management:

Your members should be trained as per their abilities. The skills management helps you develop a plan and train people according to their desired skills and goals.

With martial arts member management software, you get to manage skills and belt testing online, without any hassle. You can assess individuals and their achievements can be updated regularly on the student portal. These updates can be tracked on a regular basis so that your students know how much progress they have made so far.

Increase Sales with Integrated Billing:

Membership management is important for your business, but keeping track of the payments can help bring your school to new heights. A martial arts student management software with an integrated payment processing solution can be used for accounting, customer relationship management and other business applications. The integrated payment processing solutions help you save a lot of time and money, reduce errors, and helps you get a more accurate of the financial status of your business.

An integrated billing solution helps you with auto renewals, installment plans, auto payments, and refunds, failed and late payments and also helps you generate a financial report.

JIBASoft’s OnMat martial arts student management software includes integrated billing solution for better payment collection process, effective tracking of attendance, skills and belt management and more. The software increases profitability, prevents attrition and boosts sales. All this available at one mobile platform, thereby reducing administrative costs and errors.