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How Does Martial Arts Software Help You Run Your School On The Go?

February 18, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

If you want to simplify the process of your martial arts school and exclude manual participation in the work, consider an advanced martial arts school management software and get control in your hands. Yes, you read that right! The mobile version of martial arts software system can be installed on your mobile device such as iPad to give you full control over the business process. Before, we tell you to how it connects your phone and business; let’s take a look at some of the best features of the software;

• Membership: Registration, welcome mail, reminders, auto-renewal, notes
• Payments: Auto-pay, refund, installment plans, payment reminders, late payment
• Productivity: Attendance, kills, curriculum, videos, pictures, award, birthday reminders
• Others: Export financial, settlement report, SMS texting, optimal support

Martial Arts School Management Software

Thanks to ever-developing technology that has made it easy to run a martial arts school right from a central location through a technological device. The technology is gaining momentum these days. More and more dojo business owners are showing interest in martial arts billing software that offer technology-driven benefits:

You Are Free To Manage Your Business Operation Through A Mobile:

A mobile version of the martial arts management software lets you take the business anywhere. You can conduct your business outside the office keeping track of all internal activities. Also, you can manage the operations of different branches in the country. That’s how the software allows you to set a goal and measure progress to take your business to the next big level.

Your Business Data Is Completely Safe And Backed-Up All The Time:

You may find it difficult to create paper records and to keep them safe. With software like OnMat, you have access to a cloud-based platform that keeps every piece of information completely safe, backed up, and ready-to-use. For a minimal amount of investment, you can safeguard imperative figures and other data so easily. It takes only a few fingertips to give you full access and let you finger out everything about it.

It Brings Your People Together and Provides Scalability To Your Business:

The software comes with a feature of collaboration efficiency and allows your staff and members to gather in the same place. It offers the flexibility of work practices, keeps your students updated with important particulars, offers scalability to your business, reduces the cost of running a business, and much more. The software makes your business hi-tech and lets you reach the next level of success.

Now that you have read crucial information and features of the software, your next decision should be to hit the contact button, fill up the details, and ask for a free demo of our OnMat software. Do it right away! We would love to hear from you!