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How Martial Art School Software Digitize Your Business Process

March 6, 2018 • JIBASoft INC

With new technological innovations, businesses across all domains are making a paradigm shift to digital information. The adoption of digitization strategies, in turn, helps the organizations improve customer service, reduce operational costs and mitigate risk factor to zero. The martial art schools are also not far behind in this adoption. With martial art school management software, studio owners have digitized their intake process.

A martial arts management software can digitize your business operations. The software enables to track attendance, keep record of the payments received, manage levels and communicate with your members. This will help you save time and utilize the same in teaching your students. It helps to mobilize your business, so you will have to spend less time managing and more time growing your membership.

Use Technology to Register New Customers – Digital intake forms not only appeal to new customers but also drive the ultimate guest experience. The powerful yet affordable martial arts management software streamlines each part of the registration process. It lets you register new customers with the convenience of your iPad, desktop or other mobile device. It also allows you to customize, sign contracts and take payments. During the act of registration, you can easily attach relevant guides, policies, and contracts to the customized Welcome Email.

Personalization – People no more have patience, therefore they don’t like to wait. They no more like to sit alone and fill in a paper answering questions you would already be acquainted with, such as name, email address and contact number. With the software, you will get to know everything about your guests with integrated intelligent forms that are pre-filled with their information prior their arrival.

Integrated Billing System – The integrated payment processing solution sets up term memberships with installment payments, whether they are weekly, monthly, quarterly or single payment. The software also gives notification at the time when the payment has failed, thus enabling your member to correct the problem. Also, in case of late payments, both member as well as the owner will receive email notification regarding the same. This helps to save time and money and reduce errors.

Security and Privacy – The digitalized registration process, integrated billing and online tracking of attendance eliminate the risk of losing client information. The information of the customer is only accessible to the studio owner or reliable person who has been given the authority to manage. The software’s security features assure your customers that they need not worry about loss of their personal data or any security risks.

Accessibility – People are becoming more and more accustomed to using smartphones and mobile-friendly applications. The martial art school software is all responsive and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device. It helps you engage with your clients, communicate with them easily, and promote their progress.

Martial arts studio owners spend a lot of their precious time and money in getting clients to avail their best of the best services. Once the clients have engaged with your services, it is vital to keep them happy. The martial arts management software is a completely new approach to membership management. It will help your business to flourish and you will save time and money with the reduced overhead of administration.