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How Martial Arts Billing Software Can Ease Your Pain of payment issues?

September 17, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

A business may have a five-year growth plan & it does whatever effort to keep it running. Running a full-time business is a critical endeavor & it can only succeed if there is a no error zone. Keeping a martial arts business up & going requires careful execution of so many tasks at once and JIBASoft’s OnMat software is the ultimate tool for you to begin. It helps you, schedule classes, attendance tracking through remote-check-in features, skill management, and a lot more.

A successful martial arts school has every option up its sleeves to generate buzz for the business and acquire new students. However, when it comes to payment matters, it gets complicated, weary, tough to manage.

martial arts billing software

Do your martial arts school have a smooth payment process?

Take a moment to think! As complicated, it can get, the finance department of your school to accept fees from students should be defined & devised out straight to bypass confusion. Martial arts billing software gives your school a tangible record to track money from members, late payments, etc.

Let’s Explore how martial arts billing software will avoid discomfort from payment issues.

Systematize Payment Options

Whether accepting a new payment or membership renewal fees from the student, martial arts billing software does the task automatically. There is no obligation to acquire the payment manually all it needs is to set up payment plans, auto-renew, autopay options within the software’s interface. An intricate manual spreadsheet can be quite time-consuming & there are chances of recurring error leading to loss of money. Tracking non-paying members is quite an eventful duty; with OnMat’s integrated billing software, it can rule-out pain by tracing efficiently.

Simplified Payment Operations

The software features options such as deposit of payment directly to the bank with a fast-track process. No more loss of physical cheque or frequent visits to the bank, all thanks to martial arts billing software by JIBASoft. The user-friendly software and with simplified clicks, admins can provide refunds to members anytime from anywhere without leaving the app. In reality, administering with refunds can be depressing for the management due to non-availability of cash or time.

Customized Communication for Payment Failures

Tracking every aspect of payment from students denotes that you need a lot of time and one person dedicated to doing the chore. However, in actuality, you need the most affordable martial arts billing software from JIBASoft. Admins can communicate with members regarding issues of late payments, failed payments within a series of customized communications emails notifying them to do the needful. Specific links to clearance are shared with the members so that they can offer their dues.

Financial Reporting at Ease

The services your martial arts school gives needs comprehensive knowledge of how much money it makes and spends. The detailed study of finance is crucial to determine upcoming future developments for your school & the core requirement is crisp, concise & error-free data. Martial Arts billing software empowers you to get a clear understanding of the finances as admins can export CSV files related to Sales, Payments & Customer balances of a specified time range. The settlement report on ACH & credit card transactions is simpler to obtain as we have partnered with 360 Payment Solutions.

JIBASoft Inc. mission is to support martial arts owners in their business management so that they can concentrate on their passion for imparting martial arts training to members. We ask them to leave the finance phase to us and focus on what matters for them.

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