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How The Journey Of JIBASoft’s OnMat Started?

July 2, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

OnMat by JIBASoft has been a great ice breaker between many martial arts school owners and their responsibilities of managing the entire studio apart from playing the role of a trainer. It has given me an extra hand to take care of the whole of administrative burden before it could start piling up and creating passive stress.

However, the journey of the development of this software has not been that easy. It started with understanding the plight of martial arts studio owners without any support for making the administrative process and training much more manageable and handy. Our research and development team could not help but notice the basic drawbacks which led to the idea of captivating Martial Arts School Management Software like OnMat.

Drawbacks that grabbed our focus

Lack of records and visibility of training process

Complex and uncertain ways of fee collection and management

No access to student profiles when requiring

Hectic paperwork and clerical tasks

Uncertainty in skill assessment and belt tracking

All these concerns came to us from both sides, members’ as well as owners’. At this point, our actual task of building a great CRM started, which would help members and owners leverage the benefits of online innovations.

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Journey of building a better interface for martial arts trainers and members

With the above-mentioned drawbacks in our checklist, we started with the software development, which kept on getting more and more restrictions with the passing of time. The changing price of various commodities, demand of accommodating a more significant number of students, complete skill management, online fee collection, a timely reminder of delayed fees, etc., became some of our primary concerns to curb while developing the CRM.

Creating a modern solution like innovative and one-stop software for Martial Arts School Management could be an overwhelming task. You need to look over each operation concerning the martial arts studio and develop a unique solution.

Therefore, before we could embark on the journey of writing code, we jot down all the specifications and features which could make OnMat a user-friendly Martial Art School Software for everyone who will actively and passively use it.

OnMat helped with various aspects of a martial arts studio, including;

Streamlining the process of on-boarding new members

Managing their profiles and providing complete sign-up

Enabling paperless and automated process of registration

Simplifying the billing process and integrating new payment methods as being used by members and students

Keeping members in the loop for their billing cycles, delayed payments, and dues

Sending timely reminders for membership renewal and other new services launched by the studio

Making the process of attendance tracking easy and accessible for all

Running campaigns for better attendance and award members with good attendance records

Providing integrated solutions for lead tracking and lead tracking

Enabling a CRM for skill management and belt tracking in a proper way

Allowing a responsive interface that can be accessed on iPad and other devices

OnMat is designed keeping the needs of studio owners in mind

OnMat powered by JIBASoft is much more than a glorified spreadsheet. This Martial Arts School Management Software has made data entry, form filling, and other manual processes an art of satisfaction besides being a tedious and frustrating job.

The software is made in a way that no studio owners will need any extensive understanding of technicalities to use it. They can simply get a demo of the software and get started with the journey with ease.

Whether or not studio owners are tech-savvy or just beginners, they can easily get started with the software without much effort.

Get your free demo now!

With OnMat, you can reduce the number of clicks to get the job done. You will see a visual separation of interfaces and elements with minimalist design and eye-soothing colors & typography as you will use the software. In fact, our efforts are not time-bound. We keep on making improvements depending upon the change in technology and present circumstances.

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Therefore, we can say that in all scenarios, OnMat by JIBASoft is the best software solution for your gym, martial arts studio, or dojo needs.

For a quick demo, visit our official website. You can also leave your queries and requests for one on one discussion.