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How to Automate Process of Your Martial Art Studio?

February 10, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

You might have hardly seen anybody saying that they love the manual process!

This statement is almost true, especially when you run a martial arts studio. There is a lot to focus on irrespective of daily operations, including billing, student attendance, office administration, belt tracking, etc.

In such a scenario, half of your daily times directly go into classes where the rest goes in managing the billers, receipts, office administration, etc.

However, in actuality, a small portion of that time should be invested to understand students’ issues and communicate with parents for better understand their kids’ learning graph.

But how do you think you can manage your time?

Have you ever heard of Dojo Management SoftwareOr, how the software helps in managing your martial arts school perfectly while saving you a little extra time for parent and students communication?

However, before you spare some time to understand how software for dojo management will automate the whole process, let us first understand the term automation.

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Automation – Digitize everything to make it an online process

Automation is inspired by the term ‘Automatic,’ that means minimal human assistance. Therefore, if we talk about automating the process, it refers to using existing technology to reduce human interference and make the process more self-sustaining and time-saving.


Frankly speaking, automation is the need of this era. It not only reduces human efforts and saves time, but it also decreases the possibilities of human errors. An automatic system is more accurate, time-saving, affordable and accurate.

Automation will reduce the extra cost to the martial arts school

Every one of us is aware of this old saying – the time is money!!

The more your staff works extra, the more you need to pay! Therefore, if you can reduce the operational time, then why should not you? If you reduce the work by automating specific processes, you utilize that time to do new work that may require you to hire someone else.

So, look no further and have a consultation with experts at JIBASoft. They will tell you how to automate your dojo and save time & money.

Benefits of getting your dojo activities automated

More time to invest with students and their parents

As you automate the process of your dojo, you get enough time to invest with students and their parents. You can sit with them to discuss their kids’ progress and weaknesses to come over. Some so many parents are worried about their kid’s performances. You can listen to them and sole their grievances to earn some brownie points.

“A happy parent can bring more parents to get their kid to enrol in your martial arts school.

Enough time to plan marketing tactics and fuel enrollment

During your tight schedule of teaching and managing the administration process, you don’t get enough time to plan your marketing tactics to the fuel enrollment process. However, if you get the automation done with the help of Martial Arts Studio Software from JIBASoft, you get plenty of time to invest for marketing as well.

You can then think about the next step for student enrollment and plan new marketing ideas. An empty mind is always the right place for out-of-the-box ideas.

Making the community aware of the role of martial arts in self-defence

When you get extra time in hand, you can think of making people aware of your community about the goodness of learning a martial art and allow their kid to enrol in the same. You can plan for seminars, community meetings and events in elementary schools to inform and educate kids and their parents.

You can also motivate parents about their kids’ self-defence and safety, which is easily achievable by enrolling their kids in your Martial Arts School.

Plan for expansion of Martial Arts practice area and classes

Being a dojo manager comes with many responsibilities and allows you significantly less time to think about dojo’s renovation and expansion. But when you bring Dojo Management Software from JIBASoft at work, your almost all work is completed without much human assistance.

You will now get some extra time to look around every nook and corner to plan for new furniture and mats. You will get ample time to prepare for the necessary renovation, which will safely surpass this pandemic period.

JIBASoft’s OnMat helps you automate most of your Dojo’s Administration

With JIBASoft’s OnMat, you get a lot of functionalities that make your Dojo management simple and a cakewalk.

You get functionalities like –

This software streamlines all your tasks and makes operations smooth and less time-consuming. Upon getting this software, your daily workload reduces to little, and you get plenty of time to plan other essential activities.


Automatic reminder of fee dates and late payments to students: With this software, you don’t need a person always present on the billing counter to collect the fee and revive expired membership of students. Students will be able to pay their fees online and sign up for their classes. Students will automatically get reminders for upcoming fees schedule and late payments. You would not require checking through a heap of registers and manually remind every student for their next fee date.

Online management of students and their profiles: When you have more than 30 students in your class, remembering everyone’s subscription and personal details becomes a hectic task. However, when you rely on JIBASoft’s Martial Arts Studio Software, things become easy to work out. You can set up a new subscription in a few minutes and access any student’s record whenever required. All things will be one-click-away.

Well, the benefits associated with this software do not end here. There are still a lot more to experience and witness. So, for more information, contact experts from JIBASoft and get personalized quotes. You can present your request for customization, and we will do it for you.

For other help, contact us through our official website. We will be happy to help you!!

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