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How to Buy the Best Martial Arts School Management Software?

January 22, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

Martial arts management software has become an essential system of a martial arts school as it allows a business to run smoothly, increase efficiency, provide great control, transform the finances, enhance transparency, and manage different operations with no trouble. It lets school owners capitalize on digital transformation and simplify their administrative tasks.

Martial Arts Software can be used to meet the diversified needs of martial arts business. Recognition of this highly efficient tool has increased to a great extent that every 4 in 7 martial arts studios in the US are dependent on some kind of martial arts members management software that provides them full control over the functions.

If you are thinking to automate the admin tasks of your studio and keep track of the growth, consider buying martial arts school management software. Since the progress and success of your business will depend upon this tool, it’s important you have a great understanding of how to select the best software.

Martial Arts School Management Software

How to Choose the Right Dojo Management Software for Your Business:

Be Clear About Your Business Structure:

Setting a business plan gives you an idea of measurable and realistic growth. If a business does not have a clear idea about how finances and other operations would be structured, it may likely to collapse. The martial arts school software you will choose should be customizable so that you can modify it to meet your school structure and plans. For instance, the software should let you create a month-month auto-payment for some students as well as allow you to offer rebates to students taking up yearly membership plans.

So, select martial arts software that has features to meet all these needs and flawlessly manage crucial operations of the school.

Online Registration and Membership Fee Payment Policies:

Not every time, a candidate wants to be physically available for enrollment or fee payment. In both cases, whether they are with you or not, your major motive should be to prioritize the convenience of your customers. The ideal software should consist of advanced features so that your prospects can pay for their memberships online through an easy-to-use member portal. Choose martial arts school software featuring in auto-renewal, new enrollments, a reminder of completing membership, and more. It will become a robust marketing tool to attract candidates who want to learn with a digitally-strong learning institute.

Try To Keep Your Finances At One Place Only:

There is no doubt that finances represent the power of a business. The more finances you have, the more satisfaction you gain to run a martial arts school. Make sure that the software you are going to choose should bring you all the features of great sales and fee payments. With this kind of software, you are free to set up payment plans and send invoices.

You can also use mobile payments or online payments using different payment gateways, while ensuring your candidates about optimal transaction safety. Auto-pay, refund, auto-renewal, direct post, failed payments, late payments, etc. help you to manage your finances, profits, and expenses.

Evaluate Your Brand, Customer Experience, And Staff Satisfaction:

If you have the right software for your business, it’s easy to make your brand identified by sending powerful and purpose-oriented messages to your students. Through this initiative, you can kick-start your business, empower your members, and attract new students. However, for this, you would need to finalize capable martial arts school management software. A professionally-developed martial arts software allows and captures leads directly from your website.

When you have a handy and feature-packed system in your hand, you can involve in several significant tasks like class schedules, class booking, communication, attendance tracking, tutorials, birthday reminders, events, etc. are some options that augment your customer-experience. The software should exclude extra burdens from the administrative department and allow them more feasibility. It should allow you to do more for both customer satisfaction and staff satisfaction.

Why OnMat Martial Arts Software Is Good For Your School?

Now that you have read the characteristics of good martial arts management software, you just need to buy an exceptional software that can support your martial arts studio with all kinds of its complicated needs. JIBASoft’s OnMat is an all-in-one software designed for martial arts schools. Comes with integrated billing tool, the software reduces administrative responsibilities and increases profitability. Here’s a glimpse of some great features that would surely convince you to use OnMat for managing operations of your school. Take a look.

1. Industry Expert:

This highly efficient and advanced software has been developed in the association with JIBASoft’s clients for more than 10 years. The major purpose of introducing the solution is to increase efficiency, save time, improve production, save money, and simplify complexities. Along with these attributes, the software lets you help your business and enhance sales opportunities. In a short period, you can see noteworthy growth.

2. Faster Performance:

In this generation of technological advancement, you cannot feel contented with a software system that is slow and take a considerably longer time to perform a set of tasks. Keeping the demand for performance and pace, the company has launched the software that performs your tasks with a lightning speed. Whether it is about registration, student management, belt testing, billing or scheduling, the software does its best.

3. Automation:

The software has incomparable capabilities of automating 98% of your business responsibilities. From marking attendance to payment collection to marketing, everything has gone dramatically automated. You can do a lot more things when it comes to membership management or skill management or billing. All these jobs are matters of a few seconds.

4. Flexibility:

The software comes with a feature of customization which lets you send SMS texting, create emails, manage events, update students’ skills, post social media messages, develop settlement reports, and a lot more. It does not require manual involvement, especially when you want to maintain accuracy. You are free to use the software the way you want.

5. Comprehensiveness:

Enter details once and save it forever on the cloud. Enter student information in OnMat and create a database on the cloud-based servers for free. Every important need of yours is automated and covered in all possible ways. Whether you have one school or multiple locations, the software expands as your business grows.

6. Ease of Use:

The software is designed by keeping convenience its users and that’s why you get an an easy-to-use user-interface. Both the students and staff members can enjoy hassle-free functions of this technically robust martial arts solution. All you need to do is to jump right in and get started with OnMat. In addition to this, you are free to contact JIBASoft for any kind of technical support.

7. Unmatched Value:

Regardless of the size of a business, the software offers affordability. It starts at $69 only! The software gives real or unmatched value to run your business successfully.

With all these features, you would find it easy to manage and grow your business easily using OnMat. Be smart, choose smart! Contact JIBASoft for a free demo today!