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How to Choose the Right Martial Arts Studio Software

January 5, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

Whether you run a small or a large martial arts studio with plenty of staff, martial arts studio software is vital to streamline the business. Advanced software helps meet your businesses’ growing needs, increasing retention rates, and enhancing the customer experience. But with several martial arts software available in the market, how to find the right one for your studio?

There are various factors to consider while finding martial arts software for a studio. But before that, you need to find out what exactly is martial arts software.

What is Martial Arts Studio Software?

A martial arts studio software relies on a type of technology that people use within their industry for efficiently managing overall facilities. Thanks to a good fitness software system, it’s easier to handle all the matters related to the studio’s administration, CRM system, class schedule, communication, finances, and coaching in one system.

Here’s why you need to use martial arts studio software:

-To operate your business effectively and efficiently.

-It helps in connecting your studio with the customers.

-For growing client base and business.

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Step-by-Step Guide To Choose The Best Martial Arts Studio Software

1. Know Your Requirements

What sort of input do you require? You may need a program that helps you create custom schedules or classes. Or maybe you require a program that provides you complete access to overall workout data. You also need to figure out how much flexibility you need. How often do you take martial arts classes in your studio? And, whether you want to take up online classes or in a studio itself? Once you find the answers to such questions, you’ll know the type of software you need to help you manage things at your studio.

2. Features You Require

Before you invest in a martial arts system, it’s best to identify the type of features you need for running a business successfully. Check out whether your software has an integrated payment procedure or comes with a mobile app to help you connect with your studio members. Every fitness business is distinct, so you have to take the proper time to evaluate the right features to help you manage your work with ease.

Some of the vital features that martial arts software must have are:

-Ability to show business analytics 

Software showing all the business analytics gives you a better overview of your business. It also helps you understand the amount of revenue one makes, how coaching is helping clients, and which membership programs are more popular among the members.

-Marketing and sales

Good martial arts software also helps a business manage its marketing and sales. Hence, studio owners can focus their marketing efforts on target audiences who are already interested in your martial arts program. Using the software, the studio owners can stay connected with the target audience to gradually convert them into leads.

-Increases retention rate

Good martial arts software also helps with increasing customer retention rates. It is because the software helps you to quickly identify the at-risk members and quickly reach out to them to improve your efforts. When the customers are happy with your offerings, they are more likely to continue with their martial arts program.

-Attendance Tracking

A good martial arts studio software also helps in tracking members’ regular attendance. With this, the members also stay aware of their regularity in the classes. Plus, the administration can also reach out to members who are not regular.

-Automatic Memberships and Payments

JIBA Soft’s easy-to-use martial arts software can save hours of members’ administration time. Hence, the members can be automatically billed and also reminded of their due payments. So, the studio owners don’t have to chase them every now or then for the payments.

3. Customizable

Mostly, martial arts studios require software that is easy to customize. It helps them save their effort and time, as they can make the changes with just a few clicks.

4. Real-time, user-friendly software

Software must be user-friendly and also provide real-time updates on payments, scheduling, and memberships. So, the staff doesn’t have to get confused with so many buttons to figure out where to find the right data.

5. Determine your budget

Finally, you need to determine the budget, and as per that you can add or reduce the desired features.


Following this quick guide, one can easily figure out the right martial arts system for their studio. JIBA Soft’s OnMat software also sets up a demo call to walk you through the entire product and demonstrate what you may expect. Set up a demo call here.

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