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How to Encourage Your Martial Arts Students During the Winter

September 23, 2019 • JIBASoft INC

As the weather starts getting colder and days getting shorter, it becomes hard for your martial arts students to be regular for the classes. In the winter season, your students need lots of motivation to stick to their training regime. Below is a list of some useful methods that will help you to encourage them to come for training on regular basis.

Make A Plan: Lack of planning leads to a poor attendance. You cannot blame winter for this. Make sure you have a different plan for winters to help your students regularly come to the school. Martial arts studio software will help you plan the whole thing in a different way. You can make different arrangements for the classes like a covered environment, gaming activities, discounts, extra practice time, and more. This plan will work in your favor to inspire maximum number of students.

Reschedule the Classes: Morning is the peak time for a freezing climate which can make it difficult for students to reach on time. It’s good to be a bit lenient and reschedule the classes an hour later for the winter months. It’s better if you work on the buddy system and encourage your students to reach school in groups. Better communication among the group will come up as the source of motivation and you would be able to see 100% attendance in your martial arts school.

Organize Winter-Special Events: Serious students don’t want to miss the opportunities to showcase their capabilities. You can take advantage of this attribute and tell your staff to organize special events having different levels, lucrative prizes, free participation, and other tempting offers to keep students practicing. You will notice that students train themselves harder and longer to give their best. This can come up as a serious way of motivation for all learners.

Special Membership Program: If you want to maintain a fixed strength of students in your martial arts school or increase the number during these lazy days, special membership program can help you a lot. Use martial billing arts software, belt management program, different signup processes, challenges, new habits, concrete goals, and other strategies for not letting your return on investment hamper. Give your institution a new look by investing in some new equipment. You can advertise these offers to collect maximum eyeballs and conversion.

Meal plan: Your students may likely to develop some common winter diseases like flu, cold, cough, etc. Tell your staff members to recommend them a diet which works brilliantly during the cold season. It’s important for you to be more attentive for their health as this is the time they are prone to develop immunity-related diseases.

No Work Day: You can choose this for summers as well. Plan a day for fun-filled activities and make it compulsory for all students to be present on this day. Focus on their engagement, mental wellbeing, creativity, and exposure to communication so they would not want to miss this day.

By implementing these simple yet important methods, you can notice a dramatic change in the number of students. Use martial arts studio software to plan a routine, schedule classes, mark attendance, and offer discounts. These tips and our martial arts software will help you maximize your returns during the winter months.