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How to Enhance Your Martial Arts Studio Customer Experience

April 12, 2018 • JIBASoft INC

The customer experience aspect of your martial arts studio is often what separates the good from the great in the highly competitive marketplace. Make your clients feel like family as this will not only keep your bond intact for the long term but also it will bring new customers to your studio through positive word of mouth.

Martial Arts Management Software

You can also enhance the customer experience with martial arts management software. Because the software will automatically renew the memberships, it will update the client about the approaching due date of the fee, it removes the hassle of keeping track of attendance and failed payments.

Below are mentioned the biggest keys to success in this crucial area of business:

Get on a First-Name Basis with Everyone – If you want to get along well with your clients, adopt the simple step first, i.e., learn their names. It goes both ways too!  Make the kids and their parents familiar with the coach’s name. Make your coaches wear name tags, making them approachable at all times for everyone.

When you know the name of the students, it also becomes easy to keep track of their attendance as well as their performance and progress. The martial arts management software also helps you generate various reports related to attendance, payments, performance and others.

Take The Membership Management Online – If you want to make the membership management powerful and affordable, our martial arts school management software automates and streamlines each part of the membership management experience, including automated billing, automated email receipts, expiring memberships, check-in, lock-out, email and SMS communications.

No longer you will have to rely upon large, complex web-based solution. This new refreshing innovative technology helps you register new members with the convenience of your mobile device. The software never lets you miss a birthday with the automatic birthday emails, check-in’s, and in-class reminders. You would also be able to define what you sell whether it is a Service or Products such as a membership.

Put The Customer First, No Matter What – This really applies to every facet of your business, organizations without fail must put the customer first. You can reduce attrition via engagement with the membership. You can also go ahead with FREE social media marketing from your membership.

Our OnMat software will automatically manage, test and promote your members as they progress through your curriculum. In the end, customer experience is second to none – its always about our clients. Maintaining a friendly demeanor and a clean facility goes a long way towards ensuring that you share a long term bond with the customer.

Customer experience should always be your priority. Whether it’s getting to know both the students and their families, managing the membership or staying in touch through social networks – the motto should be to take care of the customer base. All other administrative tasks will be taken care of by the martial arts management software while you pay attention to these details which are often ignored by your competitors.