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How to Reopen Your Martial Arts School After COVID-19?

July 7, 2020 • JIBASoft INC

Self-isolation has started to relax. However, it does not mean the pandemic would not harm anyone. If you are thinking to resume your martial arts activities, seriously consider the way it will be operated.

Whether you have got the guidelines for opening the institution or not, it is never too late to start preparations for the ‘new normal.’ Re-opening the school may be far more complicated. Carry out a risk assessment to ensure safety. Here are some helpful tips on re-starting the services while maintaining the safety quotient of your staff and students in mind:

Identify the Points of Risks:

Like any other facility, your school may also have some high-risk areas like entry, exit, changing rooms, bathrooms, and the place of assembly. Consider how you can enhance the security of your staff members and students. Also, examine how would you respond if you find someone in your school infected. Take a stock of equipment and consider all safety measurements to leave no stone unturned.

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Limit Physical Contact of Staff and Students:

Both your students and your staff could be at risk. Therefore, you need to consider both groups from the perspective of infection. Try all methods to consider how you can minimize physical contact between people of your martial arts school without dropping the quality of the training program.

Note how often a team member will need to come into contact with others. Think about what kind of safety you can take when a member contacts someone having pre-existing conditions, anyone who has reported being affected or the one who contacted an infected person.

Deep Examination of Individual Risks:

Well, there is no surety about risk-free operations. You would need to thoroughly consider the consequences of every hazard. Be able to move forward, make an action plan, and strategize the way to deal with the issue. Do not leave any angle left and consider how negatively it can impact your community.

This thorough analysis of individual risks will give you a clear picture of each uncertainty and ways to deal with them. Once done with all the possible information, you are ready to begin molding your plan. Look for the guidelines of social distancing and safety equipment. Try to conduct work from home roles for backend staff, implement strict hygiene requirements, and restrict the number of students.

Ask Students and Staff for Their Contribution:

Do not hesitate to ask your staff and students to share their concerns upon your opinion. Ask them about their special concerns. For instance, if some students want to learn from their home, facilitate the latest technology of your dojo management software so they can learn remotely to manage their safety needs. It will give you an insight into things you may need to work on. They may also validate your concern.

After a few weeks, review the results and then go on with your plans. The use of dojo management also helps you in accepting payments. It works like a martial arts billing software to automate entire payment needs and lessen the need for the physical presence of administrative staff. So, considering the tool for your studio may come up as a great decision.

Early preparation through all these elements will allow you to re-open your school with more confidence. All the best!