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How You Can Grow Your Martial Arts School During Back to School Season

March 16, 2018 • JIBASoft INC

Soon the time to connect with your school-aged students is arriving. You can get them re-enrolled in the programs offered by your martial arts school. Otherwise, you miss out on one of the best ways to grow your martial arts school. The easiest way to get maximum enrollments is by hosting many events. Catch them before they get involved in other school or community sports and activities.

Martial Arts School Management Software

You simply focus on enrolling children, other tasks to keep track of your day to day activities will be taken care of by our martial arts school management software – OnMat. The software enables to track attendance, keep record of the payments received thus turning the chances of errors to zero or nil. This also helps you to save time and utilize the same in teaching students. It helps you spend less time managing and more time growing your membership.

Few different ideas that you should try to grow the number of students in your martial arts school:

Recruiting Events – If in the past you had hosted successful back-to-school recruiting events, then go with what’s tried-and-true in your community. For the best possible attendance, schedule both weeknight and weekend events. Publicize your events by posting flyers in your school, create Facebook events to alert your fans and followers, and personally invite your existing team members.

Added Incentives – To make sure that your event attendees become paying students, offer a limited time enrollment incentive to ensure your event attendees become paying students. You can offer free uniform with enrollment or offer the discount for the sibling or if 2-3 friends register in a group.

You can host birthday parties of your members. Send customizable emails with birthday wishes and invite yoru students and their friends in your school for birthday celebrations. You can also give away awards to the individuals who have the best attendance in a given month and the members who have achieved the desired goals.

The Right Class Times – The next key element of turning back-to-school time into one of your best recruiting times is making sure that your classes support an influx of new students. On the basis of time and skill level, schedule classes after school or after a time gap of few hours. You can reduce attrition via engagement with your members. You can personally take out some time and invite new students.

The martial arts school management software – OnMat – is a completely new approach to membership management. With JIBASoft, you can truly focus on your passion and let our technology do the rest. When during the back-to-school season you will make use of the above-mentioned ideas, then you will save time and money with the reduced overhead of administration. With new registrations and increase in membership, your business will definitely flourish.