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Improve Your Dojo with Martial Arts Management System

August 1, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Trying to run a dojo business? It needs passion and a lot of effort for martial arts. Moreover, one needs apt business strategies to ensure their martial arts business goes smoothly. One convenient way to manage your everyday time-consuming and tedious tasks is to install an advanced martial arts management system.

This automated martial arts software comes with practical tools to free up your time. Meanwhile, you can focus on curating a better experience for the members. Here are the notable ways to improve the dojo with advanced martial arts software.

1. Social Media Automation

First, you have to start a social media account. In today’s digital world, every business needs to have a social media account to attract more customers. There are various social media channels to advertise your business without any charges. But you need to know the right platform for your business to grow your customers and reach out to more potential customers.

Plus, social media management is highly crucial to working on one’s business marketing efforts. However, it can be time-consuming to reply to every inquiry, engage with every member, and work on outreach. That’s when you need proper martial arts business software to schedule posts in advance. The software also ensures that you stay on top of your events while keeping you focused on everyday tasks.

2. Website Management

A website is crucial today for a great online presence, no matter what’s your industry. In the digital world, certain companies need experts to manage their websites. But if you don’t want to get into the hassle of hiring someone for a pricey amount, it’s best to consider installing an advanced martial arts school management software.

The software can easily handle certain tasks of a website, timely scheduling of blog posts, managing video updates, handling online attendance, and more. However, you need to invest in effective software that lets you manage things virtually.

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3. Automation of Online Registration via Martial Arts Management System

An effective martial arts management system enables students to register for online classes from anywhere, anytime. This will help in increasing the number of registrations over time. It also frees up the staff time that’s otherwise wasted on connecting with students. Advanced software enables changes or cancellations regarding class registrations, whether it’s for drop-ins or ongoing members.

4. Automation for Payment Reminder

Rather than contacting every single student and sending them reminders about due payment, martial art school software automatically does everything. This is otherwise a hectic task that decreases the likelihood of missed payments. It can further enhance the overall customer experience.

5. Email Automation

Another great way to connect with students is through email newsletters. You can send them newsletters about new updates, and the latest on-goings about the dojo, help them celebrate their anniversary or wish them on birthday. But such communications often take time for completing an email and sending it. However, thanks to the martial arts management system you can automate the process of email automation. It helps you set reminders to whomsoever and whenever you want these newsletters to be sent.

6. Manage Member Activities & Referral Programs

Member activities are helpful for your business to analyze what your students are actually interested in. You can analyze their behavior, liking, and preferences via martial arts business software. Furthermore, this software helps in sending referrals, as a good source of lead conversions. Since referrals usually lead to sales, these are great to include in your marketing plan. All you need to do is aim for cultural referrals or interest referrals to attract potential new students.

You may even set up the software to introduce a referral program to include social media, email, and printed flyers. If it’s online, you can automate it via software to market the program from time to time.

Get JIBA Soft’s Martial Arts Management System

Want to increase the success of your dojo? Consider JIBA Soft’s advanced martial arts management system. This software offers the best way to stay ahead of the marketing plans. It automates your everyday tasks and even helps in lead generation and lead conversions. Hence, it decreases drop-outs due to marketing automation that keeps students updated all the time.

How to use our automation software at your martial arts school? What is its impact on the business? Contact us to find out answers to more such queries.

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