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Improving The Attendance Tracking Through Martial Art School Software

April 20, 2022 • JIBASoft INC

Students are the core strength of the martial school business. But often, martial arts school businesses neglect the importance of the students and don’t pay enough attention to the attendance tracking. With the large student size of the business, tracking attendance becomes a complex task, and therefore, automation is the only solution. A martial arts studio can automate the attendance process and its tracking with compatible Martial Art School Software. It will help make the cumbersome task easy and help figure out the membership status of each student.

The JIBASoft’s martial arts studio software OnMat has all the features of attendance tracking and management, which makes the admin’s job easy while keeping the rate of retention of your studio higher all the time. So, without much ado, you should plan to invest in martial arts studio management software. You can arrange a demo with JIBASoft. The demo of the software is free of cost.

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Why should you automate the attendance tracking process?

Taking attendance is a labor-intensive task taken care of by your staff. But as you choose to automate the attendance taking and tracking, the work is done by computers. The process not only becomes quick but human errors are also reduced by a significant degree. The time saved over the attendance tracking can be used in classes or other activities.

With most students getting tech-savvy, introducing automated attendance tracking via the Martial Arts Software would be a great step. The check-in will be as smoother as the breeze for students making them more interested in taking martial arts classes at your studio.

How does martial arts software provides complete monitoring of the system?

When a student is absent from the class, the teacher often does not notice the absence until it is too long. Well, a manual attendance system is like that only. You get to know about the absence when it is too late.

But with an attendance tracking feature, the software tells you instantly whether the student is regular or missing from class. This way, you can communicate with students absent students and discuss the underlying causes. If necessary, you can take the right actions to increase the student retention rate for the business’s long-term growth.

Without long-term student retention and prevailing cancellations, your studio cannot earn business and scale for better. Let us see how OnMat helps with it.

-Monitors the cancellation and absence 

The software helps in the segregation of students based on their attendance, like regular, non-regular, semi-regular, or inactive members. You can contact the students and their parents about their lack of interest or absences with the data. With the data, you can also plan for motivational classes to make them reconnect with the importance of martial arts.

-Gives check-in alerts for the information 

OnMat always alerts the system with every check-in. The alert contains information such as overdue fees, impending renewals, or an upcoming birthday. You can customize the alerts according to your preferences and always stay informed. Most importantly, you will not have to go through with data again and again, to learn about the absences or backlogs.

-Helps establish contact with absent students

OnMat works ahead of others and allows you to manage class and communication from the same software. You can message absent students from the same platform and communicate with a few clicks. As a martial arts studio owner, you don’t have to browse through the phone registry of students to dial their number.

OnMat – A Complete Choice for All The Studio Needs

The origination of OnMat is only for the improvement of the martial arts studio system, which still somewhere is piled under the traditional processing. The software helps take a leap and interact with technology to automate the whole system and provide UBER-class experiences to members.

As a studio owner, when you invest in the Martial Art School Software, you invest in the automation of manual attendance. Your trainers become free from the hassle of carrying registers to the classes while the system automatically updates the presence of students.

Want to wish the experience of OnMAt? JIBASoft offers a free demo of the software to their interested clients. Book the free demo now!!

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