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Increase Your Dojo’s Engagement with OnMat Remote Check-In Feature

February 19, 2021 • JIBASoft INC

JIBASoft’s OnMat is dojo management software with so many benefits in hand. It has helped many Dojos facing constant issues like administration management, marketing, payment management and students management. OnMat has helped martial arts studios smooth down their function and increase their dojo’s engagement with its new feature – Remote Check-in.

Get to know about OnMat’s Remote check-in

As the world recently struggled with COVID-19, maintaining distance and avoiding visits outside have become a new normal. People nowadays are avoiding going out frequently and relying more and more upon online services. In the case of martial arts classes, many people found that attending online classes will be the best resort to avoid going outside and meeting different people.

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In some instances, people even discontinued going to their martial arts classes for such reasons that eventually decreased dojo’s engagements. So, to overcome this limitation and allow more and more students to attend martial art classes, JIBASoft has brought a new feature for its dojo business softwareOnMat.

Benefits that will flood in with Remote Check-in features

With the ‘remote check-in’ feature, OnMat has opened a new dimension for dojo businesses to engage students more and more with their classes and online activities. Some associated benefits are explained here –

Distance education will be possible

Many students would be eager to join your martial arts school because of quality training and guidance. However, they would not be because of the distance and difficulty to reach your school. In such cases, remote check-in will allow them the freedom to join the class from wherever they want.

  • Presence or absence will not harm the curriculum

-As the class is conducted online, students will attend it from wherever they are. For example, if any student is sick and could not make it to your martial arts studio for the day, he/she can attend it from the comfort of their home and cope with the curriculum.

  • Better for health safety reasons

-No matter we have come a long way since the outbreak of COVID-19. Still, the government is requesting its citizen to avoid unnecessary outings. Here, as students are free to remotely check-in the martial arts classes, they will remain safe at their homes.

  • Able to teach more students at a time

-Boundaries always have limitations. During offline classes, a teacher can accommodate limited students as per the class size and resources available. However, during online classes with the freedom of ‘Remote Check-in’, a teacher can accommodate as many students as possible.

  • Flexibility to follow personal routines

-Remote Check-in can prove very fruitful to students with multiple courses to attend and personal engagements to balance. They can happily attend online classes as well as meet professional and personal responsibilities.

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Although remote check-in is the new feature added to OnMat, it has one more associated benefit like managing billing online with dojo tuition collection software.


OnMat tuition collection software for martial arts school

JIBASoft’s dojo payment collection software or tuition collection software helps martial arts schools to collect tuition fees online. Students can use the online payment option and pay their monthly, quarterly or yearly tuition fees with whatever payment modes they have. The software supports credit/debit cards, and other banking options if available.

Benefits of online payment software for Dojos

-Dojos will not have to remind students of upcoming tuition fee dates

-Online payment completion will send online SMS and receipts

-Students will not have to travel to dojo’s to pay the fee and get receipts

-Reminding late fees will become very easy and instant

-Bookkeeping and billing management will become more reliable

So, buy OnMat from JIBASoft and see your martial arts school grow more prominent and more famous for all the associated benefits. For more queries, contact experts at JIBASoft and request any personalization if any. We will help you as required!!!