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JIBASoft OnMat: Ultimate Martial Arts Members Management Software

November 15, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

Effective management is essential for any size academy or dojo to succeed. It might be difficult to keep track of pupils, assignments, money, and other things. That is the function of JIBASoft OnMat. We will explore the reasons JIBASoft OnMat is the best martial arts members management software in this in-depth review.

Why Martial Arts Members Management Software?

Martial arts academies and schools have unique operational requirements, necessitating a customized management strategy. A sophisticated software solution is required due to the intricacy of overseeing student registration, attendance, belt progression, and money transactions. Martial arts member management software fills this need by offering the capabilities and tools required for smooth operations.

Keeping track of attendance is important for both teachers and students. While students rely on attendance records for motivation and a sense of accomplishment, instructors must keep an eye on their progress. A key component of martial arts is belt advancement, which this software makes easier to track by keeping track of exams, promotions, and criteria. Furthermore, the academy’s viability depends on efficient financial administration, and in order to preserve financial health, specialized software solutions offer invoicing, payment processing, and financial reporting.

Tools for communication are crucial for informing students about events and schedules in the classroom, and user-friendly interfaces guarantee that teachers and students, with or without technical experience, can use the program efficiently. The software’s scalability and customization features enable it to expand with each academy and conform to its specific needs while preserving safe data storage to safeguard confidential information. Martial arts member management software, in its simplest form, provides an all-inclusive solution that simplifies administrative work and improves the learning environment for instructors and students alike, freeing up academies to concentrate on their primary objective of instructing and developing martial artists.

JIBASoft’s OnMat – The Ultimate Choice for Martial Arts School Management

Here are some notable ways how OnMat martial arts management software helps dojo businesses:

Simplified Administration of Members

Managing your members effectively is one of JIBASoft OnMat’s main features. You can effortlessly register new students, keep thorough records, and monitor their attendance with the software. This feature is especially important for martial arts schools, where monitoring student growth and involvement is critical.

Class Scheduling and Monitoring of Attendance

You can easily plan seminars, lectures, and events using OnMat. With just a few clicks, instructors can easily monitor attendance, and members may sign up for sessions using the software’s user-friendly platform. This function guarantees that classes are well-organized and expedites the scheduling process.

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Tracking Belt Progression

A hierarchical belt system is frequently used in martial arts to indicate a student’s advancement. OnMat makes it easier to track belt promotions and assists you in maintaining thorough records of every student’s progress. This encourages pupils to keep going forward in addition to helping with recognition.

Financial Administration

For any martial arts business to be sustainable, effective financial management is essential. OnMat provides membership fee tracking, payment processing, and invoicing capabilities. To learn more about your academy’s financial situation, you can also create financial reports.

Tools for Communication

Information sharing among students is a must for any martial arts school. With the help of communication tools like email and SMS notifications, OnMat makes it simple to let students know about essential updates, timetable changes, and future events.

An Easy-To-Use Interface

With ease of use in mind, JIBASoft OnMat was created. There is no significant learning curve for teachers or subscribers to utilize the software because of its user-friendly layout.

Personalization and Expandability

Because OnMat is so configurable, you can tailor it to the unique requirements of your academy. It’s a scalable solution that can expand with your business because it works for both small dojos and huge academies.

Customer Service

Having dependable customer service is crucial when purchasing software. JIBASoft provides first-rate customer service to help you with any problems and make sure your academy can operate without hiccups.

Safekeeping of Data

When it comes to handling sensitive student and financial data, security is the first priority. Data security is a top priority for JIBASoft OnMat, which offers a secure and protected environment for storing your data.


Martial arts schools and academies of all sizes will benefit greatly from JIBASoft OnMat’s extensive capabilities for member management, class scheduling, belt progression monitoring, financial management, communication, and an intuitive interface.

By selecting JIBASoft OnMat martial arts management software, you improve both your students’ and teachers’ overall experience while also streamlining your operations. With JIBASoft OnMat, you can embrace the future of martial arts administration and wave goodbye to manual paperwork. Invest in the best martial arts membership management software by making the wise decision.

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