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JIBASoft: Revolutionizing Martial Arts Student Management

July 4, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

When running a martial arts studio, student management it utmost crucial. It often involves different aspects, like progress monitoring, attendance tracking, communication, and billing. JIBASoft, a leading software provider, has come up as a game-changer when it comes to the effectiveness of the martial arts industry, providing comprehensive solutions to effectively manage students. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits and features of JIBASoft’s OnMat martial arts student management software. Hence, you’ll figure out how to revolutionize the way martial arts studios work.

Streamlined Student Attendance and Enrollment

JIBASoft’s OnMat martial arts student management software helps simplify the student attendance and enrollment process. It makes this process simpler by offering a user-friendly interface to capture the best possible student information. It even enables studios to set up custom enrollment forms for gathering all essential details, like contact information, medical history, emergency contacts, and more. The software stores the information in a centralized database, reducing any requirement for manual paperwork and decreasing the risk of data loss.

Furthermore, the software helps in proper attendance tracking. It does so by helping instructors easily mark students’ attendance for their regular classes, competitions, or special events. Thanks to its accurate attendance tracking, it ensures all students are well accounted for. Meanwhile, the interface enables them to improve their class management along with accurate record-keeping.

Flexible Billing and Payment Processing

Any martial arts school must effectively handle its money, and JIBASoft’s student administration software streamlines the invoicing and payment procedure. Utilizing their price structures as a basis, the program enables studios to design unique payment schemes. These plans may have one-time charges, regular payments, or ongoing costs. The program eases the administrative strain and guarantees timely and accurate payments by automating the billing process.

The software from JIBASoft also accepts payments made online and through other payment methods. Through the integrated web portal or mobile app, parents and students may effortlessly make payments while saving time and effort. Additionally, the software automatically creates receipts and invoices, maintaining a comprehensive record of all financial activities. Studio owners have access to thorough financial reports and analytics, which give them useful information about revenue sources and assist them in making wise business decisions.

Efficient Progress Tracking and Belt Management

JIBASoft’s student management software even makes the process of tracking students’ belt promotions and progress easier. The instructors get to easily record and update their students’ achievements, such as stripe promotions, skill assessments, and belt rank advancements. This software even offers a better visual representation of their student’s progress. Hence, it becomes easier to identify their existing skills that need improvement.

This system also helps instructors to generate students’ progress reports for the whole class or individual students. Using these reports, they get detailed insights into every student’s journey, including completed techniques, attendance history, and upcoming goals. With the help of this information, instructors can customize their instructions as per the need of their different students. This further ensures they offer better personalized and effective training to their students.

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Effective and Clear Communication

Building a strong feeling of community within a martial arts class requires effective and clear communication. The software from JIBASoft has built-in messaging capabilities that allow for immediate contact between teachers, students, and parents. Reminders, announcements, and personalized messages can be sent by instructors to individuals or groups, ensuring that crucial information reaches the intended receivers as soon as possible.

JIBASoft provides the opportunity to develop a specific site or mobile app for students and parents to further increase involvement. Access to class schedules, event calendars, progress reports, and other pertinent information is made available through this site. It acts as a single point for parents and students to stay in touch with the studio, making it simple for them to follow their progress, join up for events, and get in touch with teachers.

Quick Tips to Use JIBASoft ‘s OnMat for Martial Arts Student Management

Here are some quick tips to consider in making the most of this software:

-Set up student profiles: Begin by creating individual profiles for each student. Include their personal information, contact details, emergency contacts, and any relevant medical information. This ensures that you have all the necessary information readily available for each student.

-Track attendance: Use OnMat to easily track student attendance. Regularly update attendance records for classes, events, and competitions. Accurate attendance tracking helps in monitoring student progress and maintaining records for future reference.

-Progress reports: Instructors can create progress reports for individual students or entire classes with the help of OnMat’s reporting tool. These reports offer insightful information about each student’s progress, including attendance data, skills that have been mastered, and future objectives. To keep students and parents informed and inspired, share these reports with them.

-Examine extra features: Learn about the other features that OnMat provides. These might include tools for marketing, event registration, and inventory management. Discover and make use of these features to get the most out of the software for your martial arts school.


With the help of a complete and effective solution for managing students, JIBASoft’s martial arts student management software can completely change how martial arts studios work. JIBASoft provides a variety of cutting-edge features that provide studio owners and teachers more control, from simplified registration and attendance tracking to progress monitoring, billing, and efficient communication. Martial arts schools can improve their operations, raise student engagement, and find long-term success by utilizing this software. Visit JIBASoft’s website to find out more about the company and its student management solutions.


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