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JIBASoft’s Streamlined Martial Arts School Management Software

June 6, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

In today’s busy work life, managing a martial arts school can be a daunting task. From scheduling classes and tracking attendance to managing payments, there are numerous responsibilities that demand attention. Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue with innovative solutions that simplify the management process. One such solution is JIBASoft’s OnMat, a streamlined martial arts school management software. It empowers martial arts schools and make their operations more efficient.

JIBASoft offers an all-in-one software platform specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of martial arts schools. It offers a comprehensive features to help streamline administrative tasks. Meanwhile, it helps in improving the overall efficiency of the school. Let’s delve into the details and explore how this software can transform the way martial arts schools operate.

Simplified Class Scheduling:

One of the core features of OnMat is its user-friendly class scheduling system. It allows administrators to create and manage class schedules effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can set up recurring classes, assign instructors, define class capacities, and even allocate specific resources or equipment to each class. Due to this feature, the scheduling process becomes seamless. So, it enables students to easily enroll in the classes that best suit their preferences.

Attendance Tracking Made Easy:

Tracking attendance manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors. However, martial arts school management software simplifies this process by offering an automated attendance tracking feature. Instructors can quickly mark the attendance of students using the software, which then updates the records in real-time. This not only saves time but also provides accurate attendance data that can be used for progress tracking, certification, and evaluating student engagement.

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Integrated Payment Management:

Managing payments and handling financial transactions are crucial aspects of running a martial arts school. JIBASoft OnMat streamlines the payment process by providing a built-in payment management system. It enables administrators to generate invoices, track payments, set up recurring billing, and even process online payments securely. Furthermore, martial arts schools can ensure timely payments, reduce administrative errors, and keep their finances organized.

Robust Student Management:

This software offers a comprehensive student management system that centralizes student data in one place. So, administrators can store information such as contact details, emergency contacts, medical records, and belt progression history. Additionally, the software allows instructors to track student progress, set goals, and generate progress reports. This holistic approach to student management enhances communication between instructors, students, and parents, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

Effective Communication Tools:

Communication plays a vital role in maintaining a strong martial arts community. The software includes various communication tools to facilitate seamless interaction between instructors, students, and parents. It offers features like email and SMS notifications, allowing administrators to send reminders, announcements, and updates instantly. Moreover, the software provides a dedicated portal where students and parents can access class schedules, view progress reports, and communicate with instructors. These communication tools foster transparency, engagement, and a sense of community within the martial arts school.

Marketing and Business Growth:

To thrive in today’s competitive landscape, martial arts schools need to promote their services effectively. The software recognizes this need and provides marketing tools to boost business growth. The software enables administrators to create customized websites, manage online registrations, and even run marketing campaigns. Additionally, it offers analytics and reporting features that provide valuable insights into the school’s performance, enabling informed decision-making and targeted marketing strategies.

Benefits of using this software

Using JIBASoft’s OnMat for martial arts school management offers several quick benefits:

-Time-saving: The software automates administrative tasks such as class scheduling, attendance tracking, and payment management. So, it saves valuable time of instructors and administrators.

-Improved Efficiency: The streamlined features of the software enhance the overall efficiency of the martial arts school operations. It enables instructors and administrators to focus on teaching and providing a better student experience.

-Accurate Attendance Tracking: The automated attendance tracking feature eliminates manual errors and provides accurate attendance records, which are essential for monitoring student progress, certification, and evaluating student engagement.

-Simplified Payment Management: OnMat’s integrated payment management system enables administrators to generate invoices, track payments, set up recurring billing, and process online payments securely. So, it helps in reducing administrative errors and ensuring timely payments.

-Enhanced Communication: The software provides communication tools such as email and SMS notifications, as well as a dedicated portal for students and parents to access class schedules, view progress reports, and communicate with instructors. This fosters transparent and efficient communication between all stakeholders.

-Marketing Support: The software offers marketing tools such as customized websites, online registration management, and analytics and reporting features. This helps martial arts schools promote their services effectively, make informed business decisions, and drive business growth.


JIBASoft’s OnMat is one of the top martial arts school software to revolutionize the way martial arts schools operate. With its comprehensive features for class scheduling, attendance tracking, payment management, student management, communication tools, and marketing support, JIBASoft empowers administrators, instructors, students, and parents alike. By simplifying administrative tasks, improving communication, and providing valuable insights, OnMat enables martial arts schools to focus on what they do best – nurturing students and promoting the art of martial arts. Implementing this software can bring tremendous benefits to martial arts schools, enhancing operational efficiency, improving student experience, and driving business growth.

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