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JIBASoft: The Ultimate Martial Arts Student Management System

August 1, 2023 • JIBASoft INC

In today’s complicated, fast-paced era of martial arts, handling studio or school successfully can be a hectic task. From handling administrative tasks to tracking student progress, the requirement for a comprehensive and efficient management system is vital. This is where you need the help of JIBASoft On Mat, the ultimate martial arts student management system. This cutting-edge software is created to revolutionize the way martial arts studios and schools work.

Let’s explore the features, benefits, and benefits of using this martial arts student management software.

Streamlined Student Enrollment and Onboarding

With its user-friendly design, JIBASoft makes the enrollment procedure for students simpler. Adding new students is simple for administrators, who can easily capture crucial data. For instance, they can get contact information, medical history, and emergency contacts of new members at the time of joining. Additionally, the technology enables schools to create adaptable intake forms. This makes it simple to collect particular information pertinent to each martial arts discipline. 


-Time-saving: Manual data entry is no longer necessary thanks to JIBASoft, which reduces administrative workload and frees up workers to work on more important projects.
-Improved accuracy: The technology makes sure that all pertinent data is accurately gathered, reducing inaccuracies in student records.
-Better organization: Administrators may quickly access student information thanks to centralized data storage, which streamlines and streamlines the onboarding process.

Tailored Class Scheduling and Attendance Tracking

Class scheduling is important for martial arts schools for managing different types of programs. Hence, On Mat offers an intuitive and flexible scheduling feature, allowing instructors to form class timetables that meet their unique needs. Furthermore, the system automates attendance tracking, reducing the requirement for manual roll calls while ensuring the right records of every student.


-Tailored schedules: Thanks to this software, instructors can easily tailor class schedules to match different age groups, distinct skill levels, and program offers. This would further ensure optimized learning experiences.
-Reporting insights: JIBASoft also offers details attendance reports, providing valuable insights into the latest trends and student participation. This further enables better decision-making.
-Time management: Thanks to automated attendance tracking, instructors can focus only on teaching. After all, the software will take care of the entire student data while recording it seamlessly.

Comprehensive Belt Tracking and Progress Monitoring

Monitoring student development is crucial for preserving motivation and making sure that each person is on their own route to improvement. With the help of JIBASoft, students may track their progress and have their ranks automatically updated when they reach milestones. To provide a tailored learning environment, instructors can also keep track of assessments, comments, and goals for each student.

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Individualized instruction: Teachers may monitor each student’s development and give them individualized advice and comments, which improves their overall learning process.
Promotional procedure that is transparent: The belt tracking system ensures that promotions are reasonable and founded on objective standards, removing any ambiguities or conflicts.
Student motivation: Students are inspired to establish and attain higher goals by seeing their development and accomplishments, creating a good learning environment.

Financial Management and Billing

For martial arts schools, it’s vital to keep track of dues, payments, and other financial transactions.

JIBASoft On Mat integrates a strong financial management module to streamline billing, manage outstanding balances, and track payments. This feature enables administrators to maintain proper transparency with parents and students while optimizing the cash flow of the school.


Easy billing: Automated billing and invoicing lower billing errors and guarantee prompt payment processing, enhancing the school’s financial flow.
Financial data and analytics are available to administrators, giving them a comprehensive picture of the state of the school’s finances and assisting them in making budgetary decisions.
Convenient payment options are provided by JIBASoft On Mat, giving parents and students the freedom to pay using their preferred methods.

Better Notifications and Communication

Thanks to JIBASoft OnMat, one can maintain better communication between instructors, parents, and students via different channels, like SMS notifications and email. This feature makes sure that everyone stays well-informed about class changes, upcoming events, and other important announcements.


-Event reminders: With automated reminders for seminars, belt tests, and other events, it’s easier to maximize participation and attendance. This further enhances the overall school experience.
-Timely updates: The instant notifications keep parents and students informed about class events, schedules, and school news, decreasing the likelihood of any miscommunication.
-Parent engagement: Thanks to improved communication, there would be more parent involvement for a supportive network. This would further boost students’ progress and commitment.

Marketing and Lead Management

For a martial arts school to draw in new students, promotion is essential. Lead management capabilities in OnMat assist schools in generating, tracking, and enrolling leads. The software also offers marketing statistics, allowing managers to evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives and make data-driven choices.


-Lead conversion: By effectively following up with prospective students, schools can increase the possibility that leads will turn into paying members.

-Marketing return on investment: Marketing analytics give useful information on the success of marketing campaigns, allowing schools to direct resources toward the most successful tactics.

Stable and sustainable growth can be attained by martial arts schools by recruiting and keeping more students through increased marketing.


JIBASoft’s On Mat is indeed the best martial arts student management system. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and top-notch security make it ideal for martial arts studios and schools. One can download JIBASoft martial arts student management app to easily track their or their kids’ overall performance. Embracing the power of technology, martial arts studio owners can transform the way they manage their administrative and other tasks related to martial arts management.

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